Changes to Customer Portal: New Order Processes

September 2022

At Avatara, we are constantly developing new products and processes to drive productivity. With this focus in mind, we have created new order processes in our customer portal to improve the user experience. Below is an overview. For a more detailed guide, you can download the walkthrough PDF.

New Orders Enhancements

1. New ‘Email Only’ Account Orders – Change to existing order type: This will look familiar because the workflow is the same as it was previously when creating a new ‘email only’ account. However, what’s new is that we cut out human interaction to make it more automated and seamless. You will follow the normal submission process: add the user’s name, username, and email address and select preferences for the user (distribution groups or shared access to their mailbox). After submitting, you will get an automated order confirmation email that will give you access to the new email account you’ve created.

2A. New Deactivate with Future Replacement Order – This new order type now exists to aid in the transition of employees. It allows you to reassign old computers to new future users (users not yet created). Example: A user has left the company in one way or another, and you do not have a replacement for them yet. You don’t want the old user’s computer eliminated because then it would need to be completely rebuilt. With this order type, you can effectively park the computer, or put it on hold, until later. This process is similar to a delete order, but without removing the desktop. It will be sitting, waiting for when you have a replacement user/new hire to take it over. You will still get an automated order confirmation email upon completion.

2B. New Deactivate with Replacement Now Order – This new order type exists for when you need to deactivate an old user and reassign the temporary computer to a new employee. It is either the second order to put in when you’ve found a replacement after temporarily deactivating as described in 2A. OR it can be used as a single process if you have the replacement ready to take over the old machine – in this case you can skip 2A. altogether to set up the replacement user now, rather than at some future date.

If you’ve submitted an order as described in 2A. and you’re now ready to set up the replacement user for the computer on hold, you will select the temporary computer as the ‘existing user.’ The temporary computer that was generated from order 2A. will appear with the workstation number (WX#) and the order number listed following ‘tmp-WX.’ For example, it will look like ‘tmp-WX14 77801.’ Then you will select Deactivate with Replacement now’ as the order type and fill in the new user information and preferences.

If you have a replacement ready to go now, you can skip the order in 2A., select the existing user that is getting deactivated, and then select the ‘Deactivate with Replacement now’ order type. From there, proceed to fill in the new user’s information and preferences and submit. Use this single process if your new hire is ready to start and if there’s no need to put the old user’s computer on hold temporarily. You will still get an automated order confirmation email that includes the login credentials for the newly recommissioned desktop.

3. New Install Software Orders
– Change to existing order type: This process will look familiar because it is a very similar workflow to the previous process that was in place. The change is that the new workflow will now connect our Orders Team directly to the end user needing the software installed, so there’s no need for the orders coordinator to track down the user’s information and schedule. Doing this will expedite the process and make it more seamless for the orders coordinator.

The orders coordinator will still fill in the necessary information on the software needed and submit the order. They will still receive an automated order confirmation email. Additionally, the end user involved will also receive an email – the email will have a link for them to click that will ask them to securely provide information. Here they will provide their password in an encrypted manner and pick an appointment time for our orders technician to take over their computer and complete the software installation. This new step will streamline the process in order to complete the order in the quickest fashion possible.

Thank you!

Thanks for taking the time to read through the details of these changes that we are very excited to introduce. Our product development is aimed at driving a smooth, enjoyable experience for all end users. As orders coordinators, we seek to improve processes for you so that we can maintain happy and successful customer relationships. Any feedback you have is always greatly welcomed and appreciated so we can continue to do this.