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CMMC – Faster Implementation, Reduced Cost, and Added Business Value [Webinar]

Join Trevor Bohn, Partner at KAL Capital Markets, Rick Zimmerman, former co-owner and CEO at Kemco Aerospace Manufacturing, and Dan Langley, CISSP/RP/CCP and managing partner at Lupa Advisors, as they share insights on key aspects of the CMMC Rule including what to expect and when. You will also take away key insights on how private equity and other financial sponsors are embracing CMMC, perspectives on risk, business value creation, M&A, and other investment implications.

“The session will discuss tangible strategies for companies to become deterministically CMMC-ready with faster implementation and higher cost savings getting there.”

Are you experiencing any of these common problems we solve?

Avatara’s CompleteCloud platform makes _____ easier for business:

  • Security & Compliance

  • Productivity & Mobility

  • 24/7 IT Support

  • Communication & Collaboration

  • IT Purchasing

  • Scaling Business

  • Data Management

  • All Things IT

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Tired of Worrying About IT?

There are a few things we can pretty confidently guess about you. You don’t want to worry about threat actors or whether you’re compliant. You don’t want to worry about hardware failures and unpredictable expenses. You don’t want to worry about managing vendors and the finger-pointing that comes along with it.

 We exist, so you can stop worrying. Avatara is your single-source solution to IT.

Complexity. Compliance. CAD.

The CompleteCloud Platform solves IT problems across countless industries. Below are quotes from a few of our clients who fall within the big “3 Cs” of needs: Compliance, Complexity, and CAD enablement.

“As a provider for the aerospace and defense industries, a DoD compliant IT infrastructure is critical. I am a financially driven business owner, so I did the cost comparison multiple times. I could not find a more cost-effective solution. With Avatara, we were able to avoid the capital expenditure while completely rebuilding our IT infrastructure.”

“Within five minutes of testing Avatara’s virtual machine and high-end graphic system, we realized that it was more powerful and reliable than the GIS Citrix system that we had built internally. Since day one after migration, our employees using GIS & CAD have never been more productive, remotely or in the office.”

“These days, to be in the business of healthcare is to be in the business of technology. Because our entire provider group is on CompleteCloud, our 50+ practices have been able to seamlessly adopt HIPAA compliant telehealth at no additional cost. The direct impact of that on our patient community has been massive.”

Full IT Infrastructure Migration in Less Than 60 Days

Avatara’s solution to easier IT starts with a well-oiled migration process. Once you begin migrating to the CompleteCloud platform, it only takes 30-60 days for your entire organization to be fully integrated. Our team of onboarding specialists have the sharpest minds in the game and work overtime to hold your hand every step of the way.

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