Mission-Driven Assistance Programs

Over the past few years, the world learned that business continuity is fragile. A company’s IT strategy must be proactive and adaptable to remain secure and productive when normal operations are interrupted. Unfortunately, many businesses lack the IT infrastructure to do so. We decided to do something about that. Avatara has the technology to keep companies moving forward no matter the circumstance, and we want as many businesses to take advantage of it as possible. Through our Mission-Driven Assistance Programs, we are offering discounts on CompleteCloud migration and ongoing fees to organizations who need and deserve it most.


Save the Earth

There are many ways a company can help the environment. This program supports those who implement sustainable business practices or offer products/services that help others minimize their impact on the environment. Click here to apply.

Recovery & Resilience

This program is for businesses that have fallen victim to a cyberattack in the past year. Recovering from a hack isn’t easy, but with Avatara’s help, resilience is reachable. Click here to apply.

Veteran-owned Business

We’re proud that 15% of Avatara’s workforce is made of former US military service members. Through this program, we aim to support more veterans and the businesses they lead. Click here to apply.

Minority-owned Business

Minority-owned businesses are driving growth, innovation, and prosperity in communities across the country. This award helps those businesses reach new heights through technology. Click here to apply.


All 501(c)(3) entities are eligible. Click here to apply.