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Streamlined Workflow For Your Facility

If you’re in the distribution field, you’re all too aware of how many moving parts have to be accounted for. Between managing shipping locations, increasing mobility and optimizing your core processes, and making sure your facility is supported 24/7, it only takes one slip-up to disrupt workflow. So you know that you can’t afford to be working with subpar technology.

That’s where Avatara’s CompleteCloud Platform comes in—we provide technology that fits seamlessly within your operation and actively works to make all of your core business processes run more efficiently. 

We have experience with these business-line software solutions for distribution centers, warehouses, and retailers.

Problems We Solve

Shift Management and Scheduling

 Avatara specializes in delivering reliable support around the clock—whether your facility operates on a 24/7 basis or simply needs organization and cohesion across multiple shifts. When a shift changes, you can easily suffer from considerable downtime if the proper precautions aren’t taken. Our team installs high-quality IT solutions that make scheduling and accommodating shift changes much easier.

Warehouse Mobility and Remote Support

Avatara is here to help, whether you need to account for multiple in-house employees or make sure that your outside sales representatives are on the same page. Our solutions offer complete mobility so that you can always connect with your team, no matter where they are.

Robust Coverage Across Shipping/Receiving Stations

Typically, the more sites you have to account for, the harder it is to stay on track. With Avatara, that’s not the case. We provide sound, reliable Wi-Fi coverage across all of your devices—from barcode scanners at shipping stations to forklifts out on the floor.  

Scalable Technology

As the needs of your customers change, so too does the way your facility operates. We provide flexible technology that scales to meet your needs accordingly so that you’re always in the best possible position to deliver quality service.

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Technology that doesn’t make sense for your facility can have a detrimental impact on whether you meet productivity goals. Don’t leave the success of your company up to chance. Optimize your workflow with a seamlessly integrated, high-quality IT solutions like CompleteCloud 


Don’t let outdated technology limit workflow for your facility.

Avatara can keep you ahead of the curve with exceptional IT solutions.