New Ava Behavior to Optimize Machine Performance

September 2022

When you provide your mobile number to opt-in to texts with Ava, our artificial intelligence tool, you then receive texts from Ava prompting you to schedule reboots to optimize your machine’s performance.

Ava will now start to monitor your resources in order to make recommendations so that your machine runs as optimally as possible.

  • If she notices high CPU or RAM usage due to a particular process, she will send you a text, just like the Ava reboot texts.
  • She’ll ask you if you’re having performance issues and you can respond, ‘Yes,’ or, ‘No.’
  • If Yes, she will ask if she can shut down the process that’s causing the performance issue and you can respond, ‘Yes,’ or, ‘No,’ for her to complete that action.

You can provide your mobile number where it says ‘Phone # for Ava’ in the top-right hand corner of your Connect dashboard, above the Ava logo. Ava will check for potential performance issues and reach out to you by text to resolve them proactively.


If you experience something not working that previously worked for you, please contact our Support Team by calling 888-943-5605 or by texting 314-668-1999 or click the green Chat with Support button on your dashboard. They are available to help 24/7/365.