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The All-inclusive IT Platform for Banks and Credit Unions

Few industries rely on IT as much as banking and financial services. With so much information to account for, it’s imperative that these types of companies take stock of how effective their current IT solution is. Is your platform compliant with industry-wide regulations? Is your business-critical data secure from external threats? Every aspect of your technology needs to be ironclad; when you’re handling sensitive information, there’s no margin for error. If you’re concerned that your hardware and software might not be up to the task of protecting your network and streamlining your process, Avatara is here to help.

What does all-inclusive mean?

Your organization’s entire IT infrastructure is provided and managed by one vendor, on one platform, for one per-user per-month fee. CompleteCloud enables banks and credit unions to simplify IT while improving security, achieving compliance, and streamlining data management. In addition to your own custom-built servers and computers secured within a private data center, benefits include:

Cybersecurity & Compliance

Knowing your customer data is safe and compliance (FDIC, NCUA, FINRA) standards are exceeded is priceless. CompleteCloud is built in a secure data center utilizing NIST 800-171 compliance as a framework and leveraging industry-leading software and a 24/7 operations center for continuous monitoring. Our layered approach to managed security is constantly evolving to stay in front of threats and compliance demands.

Data Management

Avoid dispersed data and storage capacity issues by leveraging unlimited server space within Avatara’s high-security private data centers. Let us centralize your data and eliminate the stress and costs associated with monitoring, managing, and acquiring additional cloud storage. Plus, with all computing secured in our redundant data centers, disaster recovery is a non-issue.


Whether you’re staffing up or adding new locations, your technology can seamlessly scale with you. Between Avatara’s per user per month pricing model, unlimited storage benefit, zero-capital-expense hardware offering, and concierge service through all business transitions…there is simply no easier way to expand your infrastructure.

IT Purchasing & Budgeting

IT expenses don’t have to be unexpected. Economic alignment with your organization is critical for a successful IT partner relationship. Avatara’s pricing model is predictable, eliminates technology-related capital expenses, and will never leave you feeling “nickel and dimed”.

Communication & Collaboration

In addition to integrating with each department’s peripheral devices, CompleteCloud has also integrated all communication and collaboration tools your organization needs into our secure platform. One centralized, secure, cost-effective Unified Communications Suite offers quick access to audio/video conferencing, chat, secure file sharing, and VOIP phone systems from anywhere.

How Can Avatara Help?

The Problem

When a local bank came to Avatara, they were in need of some serious assistance. They were dealing with several problems all at once, none of which were uncommon to their industry.

Issues they faced included:

  • Outdated hardware
  • Inefficient disaster recovery
  • Growing cybersecurity concerns
  • Non-dedicated IT staff
  • Compliance and audit difficulties

The Solution

Avatara delivered CompleteCloud service to improve productivity, security, and compliance reporting for our client. This system offered several benefits, including:

  • Optimal disaster recovery solutions
  • In-depth reporting into their infrastructure
  • Data breach mitigation with increased mobile security on local devices
  • Ease of integration with Jack Henry, Calyx, LaserPro, and DepositPro.

Where They Are Now

With a new IT solution that’s designed to fit seamlessly with their performance goals and structural needs, our client is in a much better position than they were before they came to us. We alleviated several of their initial pain points and improved the efficiency of their operation.

Thanks to our team of experienced IT staffers, our client now enjoys:

  • Internal staff doesn’t have to split time handling IT , thanks to CompleteCloud’s comprehensive 24/7 support
  • Robust, improved compliance reports, saving time, energy, and money
  • Optimal mobile security, allowing employees to work freely and securely from home

Are You Prepared For the Future?

At Avatara, we do everything that we can to update our service offerings to reflect industry-wide needs that our clients need addressed. Whether it’s maintaining pace with modern regulations, incorporating a flexible solution across several devices, or satisfying the needs of several different sites, we’ve made sure that companies that work with Avatara are more than capable of handling whatever might be coming their way.

Find the perfect IT solution for your industry, with Avatara.