Avatara Channel Partners

We partner with MSPs so that their customers can leverage the CompleteCloud Platform.

Avatara is a leading Cloud Service provider for companies everywhere. We partner with some of the best MSP to enhance information technology. Learn how our partnerships can help businesses reach the next level.


We partner with MSPs across the country to serve industries and new businesses. Companies scale their business without an extra sales team by offering the CompleteCloud Platform to their customers. 

Partner Testimonials

We’re proud of the impact that we’ve made alongside our partners. Check out some of our most noteworthy projects.

Albany IT

“Found it incredibly informative and good use of my time to learn more about the partnership and product. Having other partners there to learn from as well was incredibly helpful. Well run event and having some social time after was a great networking opportunity.”

Andrew Jensen

“I have always believed in the concept of the product, but need more hands on in getting the sales process started and moving it to a close. Also, realized we could upscale the size of accounts we target and this can be done with a sales force that is not that strong technically.”

Howard Brooks
Brightworks Group

“Few companies are as connected with their partners as Avatara is. The Partner Workshop was invaluable in not just learning about the product, but in connecting with the Avatara team and becoming confident that we had allied ourselves with the right company for our company‘s future success. This was the best partner function I’ve attended in years.”

Doug Miller
C.D.’s IT Consulting LLC

“The primary reason I attended was to learn more about the infrastructure and security of CompleteCloud. All sessions were very helpful to us in being more confident when discussing CompleteCloud with prospects.”

Dave Ketterer

“Seeing the Data Center first-hand was quite an experience. The security and safety protocols, backup power redundancy, and privacy/protection components were amazing. One of the most impressive things is how Avatara is positioning itself to be a leader in CMMC compliance. Hitching our horses to the Avatara wagon to bring aboard companies requiring this is one of the best moves we’ve made.”

Bobb Joseph


MSPs trust us to resell their products and target new market prospects. With us, there’s no need to hire an outside sales team. We help IT providers gain business and acquire more hardware.

  • Dedicated Team

    Get the support you need.

    When you partner with Avatara, you gain a team of knowledgeable staff designed to help support you and your goals.

  • Monthly Revenue

    Ensured long-term success.

    Once you implement CompleteCloud, your clients pay monthly for the management of their systems. That means consistent money in your pocket.

  • Branded Solutions

    Build CompleteCloud for you.

    We provide the marketing support and assets so you have a consistent message from initial pitch through the life of the contract.

  • Complete Training

    In-depth training with Avatara University

    Our unique online training platform, Avatara University, provides you with product, technical, sales, and client migration training whenever you need it.

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