Avatara Connect Release

September 2022

In our newest release of Avatara Connect, the following items have been updated:

  • Cancel Scheduled Restart: In addition to scheduling restarts with Ava on the Connect Dashboard, we’ve added a new button that allows you to ‘Cancel Restart’ if you have a reboot scheduled that you need to cancel.

  • Update Password and MFA Info from Settings: You now have the ability to update your password as well as your MFA information by clicking the settings gear in the bottom right-hand corner of the Connect Dashboard. When you click to open settings, you’ll see a new tab called ‘General’ which will give you the option to click ‘Update MFA Info’ or ‘Update Password.’

  • Support Cases Open in Our Built-In Browser: If you click on one of your most recent support cases that are displayed and linked in the Support window of the Connect dashboard, it’s now going to open the details of that case in our built-in browser instead of your default browser. This change has been made for enhanced security.

  • Reporting Network and System Resources: Finally, we’ve made some backend changes to the reporting network and system resources. We’ve changed the backend for data reporting and removed unnecessary packages lingering in Connect. The size has been reduced from 404MB to 262MB.

If you experience any issues with something not working properly that has previously worked for you, please contact our Support Team by calling 888-943-5605 or by texting 314-668-1999 or click the green Chat with Support button on your dashboard. They are available to help 24/7/365.