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Avatara’s Lead Artificial Intelligence

Ava, our proprietary artificial intelligence, was introduced with the launch of CompleteCloud 2.0. As an AI-enhanced platform, CompleteCloud now offers:

Automated proactive support

Pre-support engagement diagnostics

Anomaly monitoring (security)

Ava exists to help businesses work smarter, increase productivity, and improve their IT experience. Every day, Ava analyzes over 20 million data points produced from user activity and infrastructure. Using that data, Ava identifies potential issues and reports back for proactive resolutions.

Ava’s data insight is also helpful from a business analytics perspective. CompleteCloud offers managers a productivity report on each of their employees, which is especially useful for remote workforces. In addition, security risk reports offer tangible insights into threats.

As Ava continues to collect data, learn, and evolve, CompleteCloud will continue to bring increasingly more value to users. Employee productivity and cybersecurity are both directly correlated to a company’s bottom line. It’s Avatara’s goal to provide analytics and insights that help business owners make important decisions.

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