How Does Remote Work Work?

A Brief History

If you worked in an office in the 1970s and 1980s, you likely have a memory of mainframes. These massive computer systems were centralized and inflexible. Departmental server computers entered the arena, enabling companies to decentralize their data and applications. Soon, computing capability was available for all employees, but problems grew with reliability, security, and cost. Data centers were the market’s next solution. Avatara was created to allow users to retain flexibility, but return to the mainframe’s security, reliability, and cost.

The Magic of Today’s Tech

CompleteCloud provides users with a variety of means to access their cloud desktops. A local device, which could be a desktop or a laptop, has none of your business applications or data. Your cloud desktop contains your applications and data and lives in Avatara’s data centers. Avatara Connect makes your cloud desktop appear on the screen of whichever device you are using. Simply log in securely, and your desktop will appear just how you left it. Everyone in your organization can work in the office or remotely without skipping a beat.

Watch this video to see how CompleteCloud users securely Connect Anywhere.