New Year, Old Beginnings

With a new year comes new beginnings—and memories of old ones. This new year, we’re reflecting on some meaningful moments that led to the founding of Avatara.

Flash Back to the 1980s

When a couple flip-flop wearing 20-somethings walked into their CEO’s office, it was obvious they were not regulars in the c-suite. Rob McCormick and Max Mutrux took no offense to the assistant’s question. They were somewhat surprised they pulled it off themselves. This was a major corporation, and they were just employees with an idea.

“We work here and he’s expecting us,” Rob replied with a knowing smile.

It was true. The CEO agreed to the meeting, but he certainly was not expecting the proposition these kids were about to make. This was the ’80s, nobody had heard of the internet, and the web browser hadn’t been invented yet. Rob and Max, however, had devised a plan to deliver the company’s data over internet technology.

“Look. If we don’t change course soon, we’re going to go out of business,” Max boldly told the CEO.

The future Avatara founders presented their idea for a new internet-based infrastructure, which was the first of many times they would challenge business leaders to question the status quo. The CEO agreed to their strategy that day, and Rob and Max went on to lead that company to earn a billion dollars in revenue.

Flash Forward to 2005

Rob and Max had successfully built a network that changed the financial data landscape and subsequently built the first global on-demand hosting infrastructure. They recognized that those technologies could be used for a broader purpose. Similar to the internet in the ‘80s, no one had heard of cloud computing in 2005.

Once again, Rob and Max realized a better way to do things. They saw an opportunity to change the way IT was delivered to businesses in three ways: eliminating hardware ownership, simplifying the distribution of architecture, and reducing overall cost. Customers would no longer buy and maintain hardware. They would consume it as a service and pay a simple monthly subscription fee. 

And just like that, Avatara was born, bringing businesses access to their technology everywhere imaginable.

Looking Ahead to 2022

As Avatara looks toward the future, our mission is about more than staying ahead of the technology curve—although we’re certainly extending the lead. We’re also focused on leveraging our technology to help to fuel the economy by keeping workforces productive and secure. That’s why we’re seeking relationships with companies who fit the following 4Cs:

  1. Complex IT environment
  2. Utilize CAD software
  3. Need to meet various Compliance standards
  4. Care about the value technology brings to their company

Fit into any of these categories? We’d love to chat. Until then, cheers to your success in 2022!