What is Cybercrime as a Service?

Remember the dark web? It has become the landscape of a highly lucrative and organized business known as Cybercrime as a Service (CaaS). Using the as-a-service business model, cybercriminals offer their services and hacking tools to anyone willing to pay for them or split the profits.

Why is this worrisome for businesses?

The number of attacks used to be limited to the number of people who could write complex components needed to launch an attack. Through the advancement of CaaS, the number of people capable of launching an attack has grown exponentially. Cybersecurity Ventures reports that cybercrime represents the greatest transfer of economic wealth in history, at a growth rate of 15 percent year over year.

Moreover, according to Latest Hacking News, there’s a new method of cybercrime lurking known as Exploit-as-a-Service (EaaS). The article states, “…cybercriminals without the same budget or means to exploit now have options to rent out malicious code from developers—this is one of the newest, and more complicated layers of risk and threats for security teams.”

Fear not! We’ve got a solution.

The CompleteCloud Platform is the most secure technology platform on the market. CompleteCloud is a proprietary, private cloud platform engineered from the ground up with security as a core design principle. Our team of innovators leverages decades of cybersecurity experience to stay in front of threat vectors and compliance demands.

How do we ensure security?

All customer data resides exclusively within CompleteCloud data centers; we do not use any third-party or public cloud data repositories. The CompleteCloud Platform uses sophisticated automation, monitoring, and provisioning systems to ensure consistency and compliance.

Is industry compliance a concern?

Because of our ever-evolving, layered approach to managed security, we are able to stay on top of industry regulations, so you don’t have to. Currently, the CompleteCloud Platform helps DoD contractors, healthcare organizations, and financial institutions become compliant and produce the documentation to prove it.

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