Avatara Connect Release Notes

April 2022


*The Connect dashboard now has a panel for Ava Insights.

    • Insights are constructed based off user-specific data and appear in a tooltip when hovering over Ava logo.
    • Users can now update their phone number for Ava by clicking the phone number textbox in the panel. Numbers are validated and formatted before posted in the database.
    • Notifies users of things like, “Users not having a phone number listed for Ava,” and, “User’s computer being on for X amount of time. Would you like me to schedule a restart?” and other similar notes. These are still a work in progress. Insights will get more advanced once we have more event data to analyze.

*There is now an option in Settings to keep the Dashboard ‘Always On Top’.

*Created a form for the ‘Schedule Restart’ functionality.

    • Users select computer and Date/Time for restart; Ava does the rest.
    • New phone number form is displayed when users click on the phone number text box.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed QR code image size for MFA
  • Settings window no longer gets hidden/stuck behind other windows
  • ‘No issues’ label is now inline with the ‘Major Issues Reported’ label


  • Performance improvements retrieving user’s dashboard data (Implemented new ConnectChartData call)
  • Web socket message types are now available inside Connect; we can now pass more than one type of message through the web socket
  • Java Web Token functions for creating tokens and posting to database are available for future use
  • Server for Collaborate changed to alphacollaborate.avataracloud.com
  • Additional logging added throughout application
  • New Certificate is being used since last release
  • Connect now recognizes multiple logins and closes old sessions for users
  • GraphQL calls/gqlbranch is in repo; not currently in use
  • Additional API calls

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