Ava Release Notes

April 2022


  • Ava can now accept a custom date when scheduling a restart.
  • Ava will send a reminder text after 20 minutes. Conversation will close after 30 minutes total.
  • Ava’s dialogue has been updated.
  • Ava acknowledges restart scheduled through Connect with a text message.
  • Ava’s helper now has icon and version number added visible in Apps & features settings.
  • Ava will create a support case when a restart is scheduled through Connect.

Bug Fixes:

  • Successful restart text will be received in the morning.
  • Restarts are now being properly scheduled.
  • Support Cases will close after successful restart.
  • Improved accuracy of information being logged in the database.
  • Various smaller bugs.


  • Ava will process requests faster.
  • Ava can complete more tasks asynchronously.
  • Added API calls.
  • Ava queries computers to see if they have restarted.
  • Changing Ava dialogue is now done in one spot.
  • Dev mode can be enabled from one spot.

Uptime v2:

  • Ava: “[GREETING] It looks like your cloud desktop has been running for a while which could interfere with its performance. May I schedule a restart for you at
    • User: “yes”
      • Ava: “I’m on it, remember to save all your work!”
    • User: “no”
      • Ava: “How about tomorrow night at the same time?”
        • User: “yes”
          • Ava: “I’m on it, remember to save all your work!”
        • User: “no”
          • Ava: “Please select a date and time you would like me to restart your system. MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM AM/PM”
            • User: “no”
              • Ava: “Ok, I’ll check in later.”
            • User: “MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM AM/PM”
              • Ava: “That time works for me! I’ll set up a reboot for you then, so don’t forget to save your work.”

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