Leadership Spotlight: Kraig Kubicek

This excerpt was originally published in our 2022 coffee table book, Avatara at a Glance. Click here to view the digital flipbook or contact us to request a free hard copy. 

Kraig Kubicek, VP of Sales

“I genuinely believe we have the best solution for our customers, so it excites me to bring new companies on board and help them.”

What should you know about Kraig?

He would tell you…

Kraig is a natural born competitor and congregator. From his childhood lawn mowing business to the church he started from scratch, he’s always been up for an entrepreneurial challenge. When he truly believes in something, he can’t help but spread the word. Prime example—the church Kraig founded years ago was in Boulder, Colorado, which was the most unchurched city in the US at the time. While building a congregation was the primary goal, simply talking to strangers of all beliefs was what he enjoyed most. He knows that teaching and leading begin with building trust and community, and he’s carried that principle with him throughout his sales career.

His colleagues would tell you…

While Kraig is one of the biggest hustlers in the office, he also has the most fun. Kraig built Avatara’s sales department from the ground up and has created quite the culture around it. Between the ongoing game of Scrabble, the constant music playing, and the frequent nerf gun wars, you’d be surprised how productive his department really is. And that’s the intention. Kraig has created an environment in which employees are excited to come to work, eager to learn, and motivated to succeed.

His family would tell you…
Between his immediate family and his church family, Kraig is a luminary in so many lives. He and his wife have four children, all of whom were adopted, and Kraig is dedicated to teaching them the value of community. Once per month, each of his kids gets to have a “one-on-one breakfast with dad” where they repeatedly go to the same restaurant and get to know the staff. They also host a church group at their house every week, with the goal of building deep friendships and just being there for one another. If there’s ever been a person to change the “typical salesperson” narrative, it’s Kraig.

When Kraig’s not spreading the word, you can find him:
  • Coaching kids’ sports
  • Fishing, hiking, camping, and enjoying nature
  • Doing any outdoor activity that will get his adrenaline going
  • Brewing homemade beer

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