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Windows 7 End of Life Information for Users

Microsoft's end-of-life date for Windows 7 is January 14, 2020. At this point, updates, upgrades, and security updates for devices on this operating system will cease. Learn more about Windows 7 end of life and what steps enterprise businesses can take to stay safe and productive.

The New Projects Page

Transparency is key to great customer service. At Avatara, we strive to constantly expose our clients to the support and project work we provide.

TCO – Total Cost of Ownership

Explore the total cost of ownership (TCO) for cloud computing systems, including hardware, software, telecom expenses, and staffing and everything to make an educated decision.

What is Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Multi-factor Authentication, or MFA, is an emerging form of security requiring users to login using more than one form of authentication. Increasingly popular for mobile device use, MFA increases access security for app users on any device.

What is Domain Name System (DNS) Filtering?

Domain Name Systems, DNS, map web traffic on the Internet by connecting the domain name a user types into a web browser with its IP address number. DNS filtering is a critical system that helps secure individual and business networks against malicious sites and content around the web.

What is Disaster Recovery?

There is no telling when business operations, connectivity to data centers, and access to applications will be interrupted by a disaster. These incidents take many forms and businesses need an answer when disaster strikes.

What is Cyber Security?

Learn more about cyber security and the importance of protection when using cloud computing resources. Explore how a hosted private cloud can keep data secure from viruses and attacks.

What is Cloud Storage

What is cloud storage and how does it help businesses? Learn more about cloud storage and how it helps cut costs and improve scalability for companies of all sizes.

What is VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol?

Voice Over Internet Protocol is the new way of making phone calls in the 21st century. VOIP phone service offers superior voice quality and a host of additional features that make it ideal for businesses. Now's the time to find out what VOIP from CompleteCloud Voice can do for your business.

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