Who We Are and How We Operate – Part 4, Account Managers

In our last 3 posts in this series we’ve covered our company history, how our sales team helps prospective clients understand what they actually need and make business decisions about IT, and how our Migration team migrates them over to out CompleteCloud platform. The remaining posts in this series will cover how we support our clients once they officially become an Avatara customer. The first position we will look at is our Account Managers.

What do Account Managers Do?

The Account Managers at Avatara play a critical role in supporting and aiding our clients. They are the face of Avatara to our customer, the go to, and point of contact. They also work in conjunction with the local technology partner as the customer’s own personal Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) that helps advise each client on their IT environment and where opportunities are to improve when necessary.
They are first introduced in the initial Kickoff call to introduce themselves and help through out the migration process. Although, their role really begins the Wednesday after migration, if they weren’t already onsite helping with Migration weekend.

While our Account Manager’s primary role is that of a vCIO for our clients, their primary responsibility at the beginning of each new account is that of an educator. When a client is new to the CompleteCloud solution it can be a lot to learn depending on how their IT was previously ran, which is where our Account Managers come in.

Defining Roles and Where to get Help on Any Give Project

First they will walk through our four areas of support that they will be working with on a daily or as needed basis and how they operate together: Support, Orders, Projects, Escalations.

  • Support:
    • Provide each method for how you can contact support and why we prefer you call our Support Team
    • What scenarios and cases our Support team deals with to ensure they receive quick and thorough support for any need.
  • Orders:
    • Changes for one user or individuals orders
    • Examples: New hire or fire, new shares, new or replacing printers, hardware orders, etc
    • How to submit an order
  • Projects:
    •  Larger scale projects and updates
    • Software installs on 80 users, bought another company, moving offices, etc
    • How how to submit one
  • Escalations:
    • Any problem Tier 1 support can’t handle in 15 minutes gets escalated to Tier 2
    • Direct issues handed from an Account Manager

The First Meeting

During each client’s first meeting with their Account Manager they will go over all these details and set up a reoccurring meeting weekly, monthly, or quarterly. The proceeding meetings will follow a similar pattern and purpose each time.

The client’s reoccurring meeting with their AM will look something like this:

  • Portal review
    • How many times employees called in to support
    • How long it took to get a tech on the phone
    • How many projects were complete since the last meeting
    • How has system performance looked since the last meeting
  • Proactive approach of fixing known issues
    • Example: 15 users looked to have slower vm performance. We’ve already saw it, found they were all watching “The Office” on Netflix and added this to the list of website you want employees blocked from using at work.
  • Review of punch list from last meeting and the status of them
  • Hearing customer on current punch list items and getting projects and orders started for each of those items.

These meetings are where our Account Managers really take the time to advise and offer suggestions based on current needs or problems. Whether providing you with a secure file sharing program, a cyber security training platform, or upgrading user devices to improve performance. The Account Manager really becomes an extension of your team as we proactively monitor and work to keep your environment working as efficiently as possible.

A New IT Experience

If you’re looking to Improve your IT experience and how you are supported, CompleteCloud can help. With 24x7x365 US based support and our dedicated Account Managers, we provide the best IT environment on the market today. We’ll keep you up and running and performing at optimal levels to ensure you only have to worry about growing your business.

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