The New Projects Page

Transparency is key to great customer service. At Avatara, we strive to constantly expose our clients to the support and project work we provide. With the release of our new Projects page, we hope to increase visibility and heighten client awareness to their ongoing projects. The CompleteCloud model is unique in that project work is include for no extra charge. Our goal is to provide a more detailed view into this great benefit! Enjoy!

What’s new?

One of the reasons we built our Portal is to provide industry first visibility into the health and performance of your IT environment. The new Project page builds on that core principle and now provides detailed insight into each non-standard project.

Enhanced Visibility Into Projects

  • Detailed Insight

    The Projects home page provides an overview and quick details of each project.

    If you want to know more about a specific project you can click into each project to learn additional information.

  • Project Progress

    Now within each project you can see when it was submitted, which tech worked on them, how long they worked on it, when it was completed, and if we hit the the agreed upon deadline.

  • Time logs

    Most companies charge for project costs, but not at Avatara. You will be able to see how many hours each of your projects took from submission to completion. These hours add up to thousands of dollars in savings annually.

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