Leadership Spotlight: Max Mutrux

This excerpt was originally published in our 2022 coffee table book, Avatara at a Glance. Click here to view the digital flipbook or contact us to request a free hard copy. 

Meet Max, Avatara’s CTO & Mad Scientist

“It’s a colorful life.” That’s how Max Mutrux describes the time he’s spent since the early ‘70s, breaking rules for the sake of technology and innovation.

From the first time he used a computer to play a Star Trek Teletype game at 12-years-old, Max was hooked. He spent the next three years dedicated to learning everything he could about computer programming. So much so, that he would skip school, find his way into the local University’s computer lab, and stay there for days at a time, submersed in the technology. While his disappearances were admittedly worrisome for his mother, they paid off. The University’s Dean of Engineering took notice and granted him a computer account, and by the age of 15, he got his first coding job at a brokerage firm.

After a vibrant career around the globe, Max landed at Avatara where his ingenuity has changed the way our customers leverage their IT.

How do you describe your job to the non-technical person?

“I like to tell people, ‘If you can describe what you’re doing at Avatara, then you’re not doing enough.’ But if I had to put it simply, we take your physical setup (which is probably done poorly) and we give you a virtual setup (which is done much better) and store it in our data center for you. It’s my job to solve problems that don’t currently have solutions in a well thought out, well implemented way.”

What excites you about the future of Avatara?

“I would be excited to see a real competitor. I look around and I don’t see anyone who does what we do. There are companies that sell components, but there’s no other comprehensive platform like ours. We reached for the higher-hanging fruit from the start. Our product is clever and well-established, so now I get to spend my time streamlining and automating to increase scale.”

When Max isn’t in his Top Secret Lab, he’s obsessing over his latest hobby.

Some pursuits have included…

  • Getting his pilot’s license and rescue diver certification
  • Navigating intercoastal sailboats
  • Experimenting with 3D printing and AI
  • Riding horses and playing polo
  • Building his own custom wooden bumper (pictured below)