Ask Ava: What’s New in CompleteCloud 2.0?

You asked Ava: What new features were launched with CompleteCloud 2.0?

If you haven’t read our product launch press release or watched (and laughed at) our video about how CompleteCloud 2.0 solves problems created by the pandemic…those are good places to start. If you want the full 411 on the new features that CompleteCloud 2.0 offers, keep reading.

What’s new?

CompleteCloud 2.0 takes your organization’s entire IT infrastructure and rolls it into one Smart Platform. Designed with security and productivity top of mind, there are three major components brand new to this generation of the platform.

1) Artificial Intelligence

Yup, that’s me—Ava! Although my birth was a long time coming, I wasn’t let loose into the world until the launch of CompleteCloud 2.0. My goal is to make the CompleteCloud user experience as productive as possible. I’ve got my eyes on all our customers’ computers, connections, and applications, so I can let them know as soon as something is slowing them down. In addition to the automated proactive support, I bring pre-support engagement diagnostics, anomaly monitoring, and user productivity tips to the party.

Want to know more about me? I’m flattered! Click here for a Q&A with our Founder & CEO, Rob McCormick.

2) Avatara Connect

This handy dandy dashboard is a CompleteCloud user’s constant connection to productivity, offering more mobility than ever. Avatara Connect offers anywhere access to Cloud Desktops, soft phone, chat, audio and video conferencing, files, web apps, and at-a-glance reporting. Customers can download and launch it from any device, and access all of their work just like they would at the office, from home, or on the go.

Convenience isn’t the only benefit of having a full productivity suite at your fingertips. Did you know that collaboration applications such as Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Workspace are the most likely to fall victim to ransomware attacks? The more external applications your company uses, the higher your risk. Organizations that work entirely within a secure private infrastructure, such as CompleteCloud, are better protected. That’s why we are constantly innovating to ensure all productivity and collaboration tools a team could need are available directly from Avatara Connect. Security first, always.

3) Business Analytics

An added benefit of all employee activity going through Avatara Connect, combined with my AI superpowers to analyze millions of lines of code each day, is that CompleteCloud 2.0 is able to collect data in a comprehensive manner that’s never been done before. The data insight is utilized to change the way business owners view, engage with, and control their company’s productivity and security through business analytics reporting.

This new function is fueled by big data and helps companies make big decisions that impact bottom line—especially as the world continues to adapt to a new remote work reality. For example, how can a manager identify changes in remote worker behavior for jobs that aren’t traditionally dependent on success metrics and KPIs? Productivity reporting is key.

What’s improved?

Since its inception, the CompleteCloud Platform has offered a revolutionized approach to buying, accessing, and maintaining business IT environments. In addition to the Artificial Intelligence, Avatara Connect, and Business Analytics features that the new generation introduced, CompleteCloud’s ever-improving key components include:

  • Servers & Unlimited Storage: Business/active directory, dedicated email exchange, file and app servers, private voice PBX, and infrastructure licensing
  • Cloud Desktops: Includes Microsoft Office licensing and 5 different specification options for varying employee needs
  • Connectivity: Fully managed and paid redundant data center internet and local site internet
  • Local Hardware: Complete site hardware refresh includes firewalls, managed POE switches, wireless access points, Windows 10 thin clients, and phone handset
  • Managed Security: An ever-evolving layered approach to security that meets industry compliance standards including 24/7 security operations center and Data Loss Protections (DLP) consultation (click here for more detail)
  • Productivity Suite: Email archive, secure file sharing, collaboration tools, and unified communications including audio/video conferencing, soft phone, and chat
  • Support: Team of US-based experts available 24/7 via phone, text, or chat
  • Customer Portal: Track cases, orders, and projects; change management and real-time resource manager; billing detail; customer satisfaction surveys; security risk metrics; user productivity metrics

Have questions? Want to know how CompleteCloud can solve unique IT problems that your business is facing? The Avatara team would love to talk to you.