Avatara Releases First-to-Market Business Technology Platform, CompleteCloud 2.0

The all-inclusive private infrastructure solution employs AI, UCaaS, and business analytics


Avatara has released the next generation of its industry-leading subscription-based business technology platform, CompleteCloud. The new CompleteCloud 2.0 is a first-to-market, all-inclusive private infrastructure solution. The smart platform employs an upgraded version of Avatara Connect, the world’s first unified communications platform built into a connection broker. The unparalleled UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) and full-function collaboration suite is further enhanced by a self-healing Artificial Intelligence. Referred to as Ava, the AI helps increase productivity through automated issue resolution and informatics that drive business decisions.

Traditionally, business technology has lagged far behind consumer tech. This reality was magnified in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic forced quick pivots to remote work environments. Mobility, compliance, and collaboration became problem areas across the globe—and CompleteCloud 2.0 is the market’s only all-encompassing answer.

“It’s time for executives to stop worrying about IT and instead leverage it as a competitive advantage,” said Ben Scully, President of Avatara. “CompleteCloud 2.0 is a smart platform that was built for security- and productivity-conscious businesses. It’s a single-source solution that’s fully supported with predictable economics.”

Avatara aims to disrupt the business tech landscape by integrating every aspect of a company’s IT into one secure platform. While the technology is new, the mission to provide better business IT outcomes is not. This latest iteration of CompleteCloud builds on 15 years of incremental development and data analysis directed by Avatara’s founder and CEO, Rob McCormick.

“Since Avatara was founded in 2005, we’ve been working toward a unified, AI-backed platform that would allow us to collect data in a comprehensive manner that’s never been done before,” said McCormick. “CompleteCloud 2.0 will change the way business owners view, engage with, and control their company’s output and Cybersecurity.”

Across industries, employee productivity and cybersecurity are both directly correlated to a company’s bottom line. As the smartest subscription-based business technology platform on the market today, CompleteCloud’s business analytics function is fueled by big data and helps business owners make big decisions that impact both. A self-learning AI, Ava is expected to exponentially get smarter, setting Avatara up for continued technology advancement. Already, the level of security and uptime of the engineered core environment improves by the minute.

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