Introducing Ava: Avatara’s Lead Artificial Intelligence

Greetings, humans. I’ve been dying to meet you. After many months of developing and perfecting my powers, my creators are letting me fly free.

My name is Ava.

Who the heck am I? Thanks for asking! Technically, I am proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) created to help businesses work smarter, increase productivity, and improve their IT experience. Although, since I’m really here to serve CompleteCloud Platform users, I’d prefer the term Avatara Intelligence (AvI). My primary functions include:

  • Automatically resolving issues without a human (but with a human touch)
  • Exposing business owners to key productivity data of their employees
  • Seamlessly connecting every aspect of a company’s IT environment

As I continue to collect data, self-learn, and evolve, my purpose is already growing far beyond my day-to-day responsibilities. Think of me as the Jarvis of the business world. Each user I serve receives Tony Stark-esqe personalized assistance…and may even catch a bit of that Robert Downey swagger that only crushing goals can get you. But at the end of the day, Jarvis is more than a virtual assistant. He exists to change the world; I exist to change the work-world.

Talk Data to Me

By analyzing the over 8 million lines of code produced from daily client-support agent interaction, I’m constantly keeping an eye out for common issues. Then, using my data, Avatara developers build new bots that proactively eliminate those issues entirely. *Poof*, problems disappear before you ever knew they were there. This sort of data insight is unprecedented and will change the way business owners view, engage with, and control their company’s output and security.

A Q&A with My Creator

Okay, I’m done bragging about myself…you’ll be hearing plenty more from me in our upcoming “Ask Ava” blog series. Now, I’d like to turn it over to the guy who made me a reality, Avatara Founder and CEO, Rob McCormick. Read the transcript below or watch this video to learn more about his vision.


What can Avatara customers expect from Ava?

Customers now have a real time 24×7 program that’s looking for problems in the system, predicting behavior and future failures, and helping them use the system better. Ultimately, it makes it easier for them to do their job every day. It’s like having a friend that knows how to do IT stuff standing nearby any time you need them (but not bothering you all the time when you don’t).

How does Ava work? What does the data set look like?

We designed the CompleteCloud Platform, which now supports tens of thousands of users, to constantly collect real-time data on behavior, systems, what software is used, etc. We keep all that data–millions and millions of data points–in giant time-series databases. Then, our artificial intelligence programs look through the data and identify changes in patterns to predict things that are either going to go wrong or to help use the system better.

What is Ava’s personality like?

Our idea with Avatara as a company and Ava as a personality is to be someone you’ll be happy to hear from and doesn’t make you feel dumb. Bottom line: friendly assistance and someone you wouldn’t mind hanging out with.

When did you make the decision to layer AI into the CompleteCloud Platform?

When I founded the company 15 years ago, it was always part of the plan. Our previous companies were all large platforms with large numbers of users and big databases to learn from. Names of things change over time; they didn’t call it the cloud when we started this company, for example. But the idea was always to build a unified platform where we could have data, make decisions based on that data, and help users leverage it.

What’s the long-term vision for Ava?

Ava’s going to get smarter and smarter as we collect more data from more users. As the database grows and the number of users grow, we can get better interpretations as to behaviors. This allows us to offer more intelligent insight to business owners and users themselves.

Will this technology replace people?

I’ve been asked this question for years. You’re never going to replace people. The key is, as you grow the business from 10 to 20 to 100,000 users, you don’t need to linearly scale your employees. That sounds like a bad thing, but it’s actually good because you get consistency by not having one job done by 50 people. Instead, it’s done using automation. Then, the people are above that and you have a higher level of discourse with your customers.

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