Repeatable DoD Compliance for a Growing Business

This is the story of an aerospace manufacturing company that has been using CompleteCloud since 2010 to meet their unique needs around compliance and scalability.

The Background

This manufacturing company’s primary market is building airplane parts to light assembly work to reduce costs and improve the speed of part completion for their customers. They have served everything from fighter and military helicopters to large commercial airplanes. They were so successful in growing their business that they were acquired and rolled into a larger conglomerate of other aerospace companies.

Typically, when a business is acquired, the parent company leverages their resources and capabilities, including what they do for IT. But this was a different circumstance than most acquisitions because of how our client was strategically leveraging CompleteCloud to help grow their business.

The Problem

Their parent company had a number of other aerospace companies under their umbrella and were struggling to find way to easily maintain DFARS compliance with each business. They had several DoD contracts on the table and needed an IT solution that could quickly meet DFARS compliance while simultaneously being able to handle the complexity of a variety of users that span from warehouse employees doing data entry for completed jobs, CNC machine operators building parts, and CAD engineers and CAM programmers doing heavy duty computing and design.

The Solution

The ownership of the new company approached us after discussions with our client about their IT and how they would roll it into their own. After an initial call explaining the CompleteCloud Platform, the parent company realized that the CompleteCloud Platform was the IT solution they were looking for to help with their growing productivity and collaboration pains between companies.

As they acquired businesses, their portfolio started to become increasingly geographically diverse and the problem of trying to unify each business under one controlled and predictable IT model kept getting more complicated. They already had a wide variety of IT users, but that number kept growing and now they also had offices spread out over the East Coast and Midwest.

In addition to their primary concern about maintaining DFARS and preparing for CMMC L3 compliance, we looked at their current pains and laid out how our solution would solve each issue:

DoD Compliance

CompleteCloud’s private SSAE18 SOC 2 Type 2 data center environment is built to meet NIST SP 800-171 and CMMC with a 24×7 Security Operations Center, employee cybersecurity training, auditing tools, and more.

Diverse User Base

Warehouse employees were provided with terminal solutions for simple data entry, engineers received powerful graphics stations to run CAD software inside and outside the office with no performance degradation, and remote employees were able to work without skipping a beat.


With users spread throughout time zones, supporting their IT needs became an issue. With 24x7x365 U.S.-based support they knew their employees would receive the help they needed when they needed it. Centralized data makes every office feel and operate as if they are under one roof, regardless of location.


As a business that plans on organic and acquisition growth, CompleteCloud provided them with the ability to smoothly grow and acquire new businesses while seamlessly integrating them into the business at a predictable per user per month pricing model. This level of scalability and ease of transition is simply unparalleled in the market today; particularly in these complex and high compliance businesses.

“We’ve been with Avatara for 10 years and they’ve really helped us with cybersecurity compliance and most recently with the COVID-19 pandemic. Our new owners even picked them up and have integrated CompleteCloud into all of our sites. I’ve been working remotely for over 6 weeks and it’s been very easy and have had robust access to all my data and applications – even MetalMax!”
-Jerry, EVP & Chief Engineer

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