A Healthcare Group’s Catalyst for Growth

This case study highlights how a healthcare group has been able to leverage the CompleteCloud Platform to scale their business and improve patient outcomes, while simultaneously improving security to remain compliant as they grow.

The Problem

It’s challenging for small medical practices to remain independent in today’s competitive market. With small margins in reimbursement, increases in overhead, and the constant cycle of technological upgrades, most are forced to either join a major network or close their doors. In response to this growing challenge, a group of providers joined together to form a management services organization (MSO) that would streamline the backend of patient care. They soon brought on 40 medical practices across South Carolina, providing them with business intelligence, revenue cycle management, practice management, and financial services.

As they began to consider launching nationwide, however, there was one glaring problem: their IT environment. The MSO was facing an aging system, frustrating IT support, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in pending hardware and software upgrades. They needed a scalable way to streamline their IT process, centralize their data, and easily scale as they expanded across the country.

The Solution

The CompleteCloud Platform turned out to be the catalyst they needed to launch nationwide. By moving to CompleteCoud, the MSO could immediately update all server and site hardware and software at no capital cost. Their data was immediately moved into remote and secure data centers, providing them with the centralized infrastructure they desperately needed. CompleteCloud also provided a centralized, US-based, 24/7 support center to support their entire network whenever they needed it.

Enhanced Security

As a healthcare organization, cybersecurity and meeting HIPAA compliance standards were a priority. With CompleteCloud, all corporate and patient data is now protected and secured by SSAE 18 II data centers and CompleteCloud HIPAA Security Bundle, safe from being compromised through any manner of cyber or physical threats.


CompleteCloud’s per user per month utility service model provides a consistent and predictable budget and makes bringing on new practices easier. In the same way that the MSO alleviates day-to-day administration for their physician network, CompleteCloud alleviates the MSO’s technical concerns so they can focus on growth and quick onboarding.

Improved Patient Outcomes

The MSO was also able to leverage CompleteCloud’s VOIP solution which centralized calling capabilities and provided in depth visibility into call reporting. The robust admin tools allowed them to monitor call queues, resulting in improved call abandon rates and, in turn, more patients receiving care.

Easy eCW Access

With a continuously growing network of medical offices, avoiding downtime is crucial. Since the organization’s eClincialWorks EHR is hosted by CompleteCloud, it’s always available. Whether practitioners are bouncing between sites or working remotely, reliable technology is a constant.

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