Avatara Collaborates with Teradici to Enable Secure, Efficient Application Delivery with a ‘CAD in the Cloud’ Solution

St. Louis, MO —June 25, 2020 — Avatara, a leading force in private cloud computing and IT support, today announced it has collaborated with Teradici®, the creator of industry-leading PCoIP® technology, to deliver an all-encompassing hardware, software and support solution called CompleteCloud – a private cloud CAD environment using a per user per month pricing model. CompleteCloud was engineered to provide a highly available, full motion, nonvirtualized, data center-based computer with a CAD certified graphics card. Programs like AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Revit, Bently, Catia, or Solidworks operate with low latency through CompleteCloud, and can be accessed with any device utilizing Teradici PCoIP® technology.

As the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) market moves toward more convergence between cloud network data centers and on-premise application layers, both Avatara and Teradici recognize the need for next-generation solutions that will deliver better performance, security and scalable storage across any ‘CAD in the Cloud’ environment. Since becoming a Teradici Advantage Partner, Avatara has effectively utilized Teradici’s PCoIP technology – making graphics computers with limitless server and storage easily accessible.

 “We have used Teradici’s products for years with our cloud-based CAD users with tremendous success.  In fact, I think we are one of the few solution providers that provide a centralized cloud-based platform that works specifically for high end CAD users.  We have aerospace engineers using Spaceballs while working on Catia, and civil engineers working in MicroStation and AutoCAD Civil 3D while collaborating from multiple locations.  The performance feedback with the Teradici software is consistent and commendable”, said Ben Scully, President of Avatara.

“Our collaboration with Avatara represents an exciting opportunity for us to serve the needs of CAD/CAM workload users across a broad range of industries including Architecture, Engineering and Construction and Manufacturing through a trusted partner who understands their specialized needs,” said Paul Austin, Director of Global Channels for Teradici.

CompleteCloud gives companies with multiple sites a simplified server infrastructure, reducing the need for redundant replication servers at each site. It offers a centralized private cloud environment that simplifies internal and external data sharing and streamlines project workflows. The collaboration will enable both companies to strengthen their respective application acceleration solution sets and provide customers with superior performance and flexibility, while reducing overall total cost of ownership for CAD customers.

“We have recently launched our Power user product which incorporates Teradici PCOIP into a solution that is now accessible by the traditional cloud desktop user that is interested in utilizing applications such as Google Earth or streaming videos.  Our relationship with Teradici enables us to deliver a unique solution that incorporates the hardware, software, and support into a per user per month pricing model accessible to businesses of all sizes.  We have together democratized a solution that would have traditionally carried a pretty significant capital outlay”, said Rob McCormick, CEO of Avatara.

About Avatara
Avatara was founded in 2005 and is based in St. Louis, MO it has quickly grown into a premier source for IT solutions across the country. After 14 years of service, Avatara has become one of the top private cloud computing companies in the industry. Avatara’s CompleteCloud platform is leveraged by clients within the engineering/architecture, manufacturing, healthcare, distribution, financial/professional services, and non-profit sectors.