Important steps to getting started with the cloud


When considering a transition to the cloud, it’s important to know what questions to ask and what information to convey to your potential hosting provider in order to make your move as seamless and smooth as possible. However, many businesses start using cloud services without having an adequate understanding of their data needs, budgetary resources or the ability of a specific cloud provider to meet business needs.  Follow these practical tips to find yourself on your way to the cloud:

  • Define why you want to move to a cloud environment. Begin a migration to the cloud with a clear vision of why moving to the cloud is beneficial to you and your office. Weigh your company’s current strategic IT mission and plan, cost, and the security and resiliency need for your applications.
  • Be sure your IT team is ready for the switch. Your staff will need time and training to get ready for the cloud, so it is essential that they get exposure and experience before the transition occurs. It’s also important for your IT administrators tasked with managing cloud technology and deployments to have a diverse skill set that includes network monitoring abilities.
  • Budget carefully. Consult with your IT staff or a cloud-computing consultant on some specific budgetary needs. The cloud movement entails certain costs, such as education of the employee and the costs involved in moving applications.

Whatever the requirements of your cloud transition project, success depends on extensive planning combined with the support and expertise of a trusted cloud service provider such as CompleteCloud.