Cloud Computing Myths

Despite the rapid adoption of cloud computing in government, business and our social lives, there are so many misconceptions concerning what it is and what it does. When technology is understood, the benefits begin to outweigh the negatives. Cloud services can mean different things to different people. Here are four cloud computing myths:

  • Cloud computing is a fad. Cloud as a term is new, but the concepts and requisite technologies have been evolving for years. Cloud computing continues to emerge as a game-changing technology, with high adoption rates and investment.
  • The cloud is not secure. The reality is that most businesses cannot compete with the level of security that is offered by cloud providers given that they have teams of security experts working 24/7.
  • Cloud computing reduces productivity. Increased productivity is a key benefit of an effective cloud computing strategy. Increased accessibility, convenience and collaboration positively impact employee productivity.
  • Cloud computing is expensive. The upfront costs of a cloud migration are often sizable, but the savings over time typically offset the initial expenditure. Small-business owners who leverage cloud technologies spend an average 20 percent less on technology than their peers.

In the end, cloud computing is the safest, most cost-effective, and efficient way to leverage technology today for small businesses. No matter where you are in the cloud adoption lifecycle, Forum-Info Tech has the people, processes, and proven track record to make a real difference and help you take a direct route to the cloud. Give us a call at (951) 256-4070 to learn more.