FAQ: How does Avatara’s support team operate?

In the above FAQ video, Kraig Kubicek answers the question, “How does Avatara’s support team operate?”

The better question may be, though, “How do businesses benefit from the breadth and depth of Avatara staff supporting CompleteCloud users?”

At Avatara, it’s a core value to provide businesses with a streamlined and efficient IT support system. With our innovative CompleteCloud platform, we bring all of your IT resources onto a single platform, including robust IT support services. Read on for more in depth details on how our support system functions, the different tiers of support we offer, the proactive measures we take, our dedication to customer satisfaction, and the transparency we provide through reporting tools.

Efficient Support Channels

We understand the importance of promptly resolving IT issues to minimize disruptions to your business operations. That’s why we offer three convenient support channels: phone, chat, and text message. Our goal is to connect you with our technical experts in less than five minutes, with an average wait time of under one minute reported last month. We take pride in our industry-leading metrics, ensuring that we address your IT challenges swiftly and effectively.

Tiers of Support

To cater to the diverse range of IT issues, we have organized our support teams into three tiers. Our Tier 1 Support Team serves as the first line of defense and resolves an impressive average of 85% of all support cases. These skilled professionals are readily available to answer your calls, respond to chats, or messages when you reach out. They specialize in resolving common issues such as login problems, email glitches, and printer or scanner inquiries.

For more complex cases that require additional expertise or time, approximately 15% of support cases are escalated to our Tier 2 Support Team. This team specializes in handling network, server, and multiple-user-related issues, as well as emergencies and long-term research cases.

In rare instances that demand exceptionally advanced technical knowledge, our Tier 3 Support Team steps in to tackle complex problems like email account intrusions, DNS-related issues, and antiquated software bugs and errors.

Projects & Orders

In addition to our support teams, we also offer a dedicated Projects Department. Avatara is unique with our business model in that we do not charge for projects. You can contact us to add a server, add a site, implement new software company wide, etc. and there is no additional fee. This work is handled by our project team with agreed upon scoping and timing.

Our Orders Department adds new users, new software, new printers, new shares/permissions etc. At this point we have automated about 30% of these orders and will continue to roll out additional automated features.

Proactive AI Measures

We go above and beyond reactive support by implementing proactive measures to maintain the health and performance of your IT system. Our proprietary AI, named Ava, works in tandem with our skilled tech ops team to perform regular proactive maintenance tasks. Ava reaches out to your users to schedule proactive tasks like system reboots, ensuring optimal performance and preventing potential downtime. This proactive approach saves you time and minimizes the need for many support calls altogether.

Customer Satisfaction and Continuous Improvement

At Avatara, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We take a meticulous approach to measure satisfaction at a granular level. Each customer interaction is an opportunity for us to gather feedback. Approximately 10% of customers provide feedback, resulting in around 500 measurements of success or areas for improvement each month.

Over the past year, 90.47% of users reported being happy with our support, 5.72% reported satisfaction, and 3.81% indicated the need for improvement. We value negative feedback as much as positive feedback as it allows us to continuously train and improve our team members. Our Director of Customer Operations personally follows up with customers who provide negative feedback, gathering specific notes for process improvement. Additionally, our high customer retention rate of around 98-99% each month is a testament to our commitment to delivering excellent support services.

Transparency through Reporting Tools

We believe in providing transparency to our customers, enabling them to have a clear view of their IT system’s performance and the outcomes of our support processes. That’s why we offer a range of reporting tools that you have access to at any given moment.

Our General System Performance Dashboard displays crucial data such as CPU usage, memory utilization, and page faults.

The Support SLA Dashboard provides insights into support processes, including the number of cases, escalations, contact method percentages, average hold times, and talk times.

Our Productivity Reporting feature allows you to track your employees’ work hours and identify active system usage.

Through the Support Ticket Details tool, you can check the status of all support tickets.

Lastly, our Customer Satisfaction Report provides a comprehensive analysis of post-support customer feedback, empowering you to assess the effectiveness of our services and ensure continued satisfaction.

Avatara’s CompleteCloud platform revolutionizes IT support for businesses by offering a comprehensive solution that brings together all of your IT resources. With efficient support channels, tiered support teams, proactive AI measures, and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, we stand out as a leading IT service provider. By providing transparency through our reporting tools, we empower you to monitor system performance, track support outcomes, and make informed decisions to optimize your business operations. Partnering with Avatara ensures that your IT support is seamless, reliable, and tailored to your unique needs.

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