FAQ: How Does Avatara Help DoD Contractors Meet CMMC Requirements?

In the above video, Ben Scully answers the question, “How does Avatara help DoD contractors meet CMMC requirements?” In summary, Avatara’s DoD Platform has become a go-to solution for DoD contractors seeking an all-inclusive and cost-effective compliance solution. With our extensive experience in working under DFARS (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement) and ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) for over a decade, we have developed robust policies, procedures, and compliance expertise. Our platform offers a streamlined process for contractors to adopt necessary security measures, providing them with the evidence and support required for audits. By minimizing upfront investments and enabling rapid onboarding, Avatara has become an obvious choice for DoD contractors who face the risk of losing a substantial portion of their business if they do not meet the rigorous CMMC requirements.

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FAQ Video Transcript

Last year, over half the customers that came on our platform were DoD contractors and a big part of this is CMMC.

In the industry, there’s a push to make sure that businesses, especially businesses that are involved with working within our defense industry, are doing the right things from a security standpoint.

And we’re well positioned because literally our second customer on the platform was a DoD contractor and we have several of them at this point.

So we’ve been working under DFARS and ITAR for over 10 years and so we have the policies in place, we have the procedures in place, we help our customers out with evidence and such.

We’re well positioned just because it’s an industry that we’ve been servicing for a long time.

Now the platform, in how customers come onto the platform or purchase our service, fits well with the situation as well because all of a sudden you have a business that may make an airplane part, let’s say.

And while security may or may not have been important to them, they are looking at 30 to 40 to 50 percent of their business potentially being gone if they don’t go through a fairly rigorous process of getting policies and procedures and to the point where they’re actually going have to be audited for the first time.

So it was a significant undertaking and our platform, just kind of getting customers there quickly without any significant upfront investment, I think has been the reason why so many contractors have come our way recently.

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