CompleteCloud Software Update

August 2021

Avatara has released a major software update for its CompleteCloud Platform, making the Avatara Connect dashboard even more robust. In this release of Avatara Connect, the world’s first unified communications platform built into a connection broker, users are given extra control, collaboration, and security within their virtual work environments.

New features include:

  • Meet video conference recording capabilities, which will produce an automatically generated composition video with all channels including screenshares. Video files will be securely stored within Secure File Share for easy sharing.
  • Direct messaging in the “Online Now” dashboard, making quick communication with colleagues even easier.
  • Custom text option for Meet invites, allowing users to adapt the message their invitees receive for video conference calls.
  • Time restriction option for Meet invites so that video conference rooms cannot be inadvertently joined when in public mode.
  • MFA validation at first login, increasing security measures for users who are working remotely.

“Security and productivity are always our priority in product development,” said Rob McCormick, Avatara’s CEO. “These new features both enhance productivity without sacrificing security and make the platform more secure without making it more difficult to use.”

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to create uncertainty, Avatara remains at the forefront of helping businesses stay nimble and fully functional whether employees are in the office or working from home. Concurrently, with cybercrime on the rise, Avatara continues to demonstrate its steadfast commitment to cybersecurity.

“Our mission is about more than staying ahead of the technology curve—although we’re certainly extending the lead,” added McCormick. “Our technology ultimately helps to fuel the economy by keeping workforces working despite adversity. That’s something our entire team should be proud of.”

This month’s release is only the tip of the technology iceberg. With each CompleteCloud software release, business leaders from coast to coast, across industries, are further able to future-proof their business and leverage technology as a competitive advantage.

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