4 Reasons Law Firms Rely on CompleteCloud

A recent Forbes article stated that lawyers have historically been resistant to embrace new technologies and innovation, given that the law is based on precedent. At Avatara, we don’t buy into this stereotype. And we assume that if you’re a lawyer, you reject it as well.

Evidence is Key

We’ve worked with enough firms to know that you aren’t lacking a willingness to evolve. Smart law firms simply require evidence that investing in the right technology will increase efficiency, reduce costs, and mitigate risk.

The global pandemic dramatically accelerated the timeline in which all industries adopted new ways of thinking about IT. Below is some key evidence we’ve seen emerge in the legal world, that CompleteCloud Platform is indeed the right investment.

1. Data Security as a Competitive Advantage

You care about client confidentiality and your clients need assurance that the data and intellectual property they share is appropriately protected. CompleteCloud’s ever-evolving managed security solution is the most secure on the market. Leveraging proprietary technology and decades of high security operations experience, our team of security experts is constantly adjusting to stay in front of threat vectors and compliance demands.

Bottom Line Benefit: High-profile prospects are more likely to become clients when they don’t have to worry about your firm’s technology expertise but can focus instead on the caliber of your attorneys.

2. True Mobility Makes a Difference

Whether you have multiple office locations or just need remote work capabilities, true mobility makes all the difference. CompleteCloud lets your entire firm work at 100% capacity from any device, in any location, at any time. And no matter where they’re working, the level of security doesn’t waiver. Always protected, always productive.

Bottom Line Benefit: Much of today’s top legal talent is advocating to work from home—or from wherever they please. This means that with the right technology, you can recruit the best of the best no matter where they are.

3. Round the Clock Support

You’re willing to put in the work no matter what time of day—and so are we. Your CompleteCloud support team is accessible 24/7 via call, chat, or text message and is trained to solve problems quickly. Technical issues will never keep you from a successful all-nighter or productive weekend work.

4. Economic Predictability

Business IT has traditionally been difficult to budget for as you never know when equipment will break. But once you’re a CompleteCloud customer, your entire technology environment and support is covered in one predictable monthly fee. That even includes unlimited server space (read: all records safely stored indefinitely), on-site equipment such as phones and desktops, and new software implementation.

Ready to get smart about your IT?