Who We Are and How We Operate

Welcome to our 7 part series on Avatara! In the following weeks we are going to take an in-depth dive into our company and how we have made our private cloud solution, CompleteCloud, the best and most secure private cloud solution on the market.

At Avatara we value transparency as a fundamental need for a prosperous business and great customer relationships. Because of this, we want to give you a 360 degree look into where we came from and how we operate today to help serve our partners and customers spread across the country. In this first post we’ll look at Avatara from a birds eye view and then provide an outline of what you can expect to learn from the rest of this series. The proceeding articles will go in-depth into each of our core departments that work in cohesion to provide the best IT experience imaginable.

Here are a few of the areas and departments of Avatara that we’ll look at:

  • The Sales Team
  • Migration Team
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • 24x7 U.S. Based Support
  • Projects Team
  • The Executive Team

Before we go into how our incredible team supports and manages thousands of users with ease, let’s go back to the beginning.

A Long, Long Time Ago

It was the mid 2000s, just a few short years after everyone thought computers were going to take over the world. YouTube was founded, Lance Armstrong had just cheated his way to a record 7 straight Tour De France titles, and Bill Gates was voted Time Magazine’s Person of the year. Technology was just starting to lay the foundation for the explosive growth that we’ve been experiencing over the last 10 years, but cloud computing was still in its infancy. The concept of the cloud was equally exciting as it was terrifying for most business at the time and it showed.

Despite the uncertainty most companies felt, Rob McCormick and Max Mutrux, our CEO and CTO, knew this emerging technology was the way of the future. Building on almost four decades worth of enterprise level IT experience between them, Avatara and our CompleteCloud solution was launched. Their previous company before Avatara, Savvis Communications, was revolutionary for the IT world. Savvis was one of the first to offer enterprise level Hardware as a Service, 30% of the worlds internet traffic ran through their data centers, and Savvis was the largest technology IPO, ranking #1 in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, above other large providers like IBM. The experience, knowledge, and ingenuity that lead them to the success Savvis experienced became the foundation for the CompleteCloud platform.

With Our History…Behind Us

Now let’s take a look at how CompleteCloud changed cloud computing for the SMB space in 2006 and is still doing so today almost 15 years later.

At the time Break Fix IT providers were still the leading service for IT, but quickly approaching its heels were Managed Service Providers (MSPs). This was a dramatic shift in the market and changed how businesses paid for and managed their IT through 3rd party providers. Businesses were able to start predicting how much they would spend on IT each month and year, instead of basically setting a chunk of money aside and hoping it was enough to handle any problems that came up throughout the year. Obviously this new approach to IT was incredibly appealing to those in need of IT services, but CompleteCloud took it not one, but many steps further.

So what does CompleteCloud offer that is so much different than every other IT provider?

  • 100% Hardware Refresh

    Purchasing hardware shouldn’t be a factor in the right IT environment for your business, so we took it out of the equation. Your server hardware gets transitioned into remote and secure data centers as well, taking protecting your hardware and data one step further. We pay for all new server and site hardware, freeing you from thousands to millions of dollars in capital expenses. You can put that money back into your business and focus on growing your company. On top of that we also pay for and manage your core Microsoft licenses.

    If you just did a hardware refresh and aren’t in need of one, we simply adjust the price to make up for not having to purchase you all new hardware, but when the time comes for you to do another refresh, we cover it. Win – Win.

  • Internet Connectivity

    We cover the cost of your internet bill, manage the account, and provide visibility into your internet and system performance. One less bill you have to worry about.

  • 24x7 U.S. Based Support

    It’s great to have onsite IT support, but when the clock hits 5pm the odds of you being able to get help with your computer go down drastically, regardless if you have in house IT or you outsource it. With Avatara we provide 24×7 U.S. based support, right out of our St. Louis headquarters. You work outside 9am – 5pm and so do we.

  • Mobility

    With CompleteCloud you get the industry’s best mobile solution. You can pull your computer up on an iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, and even your home laptop. No data is kept on the local device so you never have to worry about security threats if someone swipes your laptop when you weren’t looking. Working with CAD? No problem, you can even access your CAD station outside the office with no performance degradation.

  • Managed Security

    Cyber security is becoming a bigger threat each day and getting hit with any number of attacks has the potential to cripple your business. You don’t have to worry about these cyber threats with Avatara’s CompleteCloud solution. Our 7 layer approach to cyber security makes CompleteCloud the most secure private cloud environment in the country. We love working with compliance industries as well: HIPAA, FDIC, DFARS, you name it, we’ve protected it and met their compliance standards.

  • Disaster Recovery

    CompleteCloud takes your data and moves them to two remote SSAE18 Type 2, data centers. One of the primary reason we do this, outside of security concerns, is that it protects your company data in the event of a natural disaster or fire. With no data onsite, you are able to go home and pick up right where you left off if anything were to happen to your building. In addition to not having to worry about losing data, you don’t have to worry about replacing any of your site hardware as well. We replace it all for free if it gets destroyed.

All of this is bundled into a simple per user per month cost.

You’ll know exactly how much you will spend on your IT every month, making it easier to plan and allocate your funds.

Now that we’ve taken a look at our history and a brief overview of what CompleteCloud has to offer, next we’ll dive into what working with our sales team is like and how we can help determine the right solution for your business.

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