So What is “The Cloud” Anyway?

The term cloud computing seems to be everywhere lately. But do you fully understand what “the cloud” really is and what it can offer your company?

Simply put, “the cloud” refers to the process of desktops and servers working together. A simple test: if you can physically point to a server in your facility, you are not on “the cloud.”

How does the cloud work? Think of the cloud as the platform on which cloud-based applications run. These applications, computer services, and other cloud-based resources are shared over a network, such as the Internet, that allows end users to gain access to all these applications through a web browser or mobile app.

In fact, many individuals — even businesses — are already using cloud applications without realizing it. Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other online sites are all considered cloud-based services.

By migrating to the cloud, companies of all sizes and industries are provided the following benefits: cost efficiency, data backup and business continuity, flexibility of accessing data at any given time or location, increased capacity and application availability.