Our Platform in the DoD Space

We Understand Your Technology Needs

At Avatara, our client base is made up of companies that:

  1. Have complexity in their IT environment
  2. Utilize CAD software
  3. Need to meet compliance standards

DoD contractors are the perfect combination of all three. Avatara develops, delivers, and supports an all-inclusive IT infrastructure that enables you to remain secure, productive, and compliant.

How Our Tech Fits Into Your World

  • Compliance & Documentation: Avatara’s DoD Platform is designed to meet and exceed even the most stringent compliance requirements (including NIST 800-171 and CMMC 2.0) to protect your company, data, and assets.
  • Remote CAD: We provide a completely mobile and secure infrastructure, enabling high performance CAD for remote workers.
  • Secure File Sharing: Safely send and receive CUI from any device.
  • US-based 24/7 ITAR Support: Quick response times are a priority; support is always available via phone, text, or chat.
  • Business Analytics: Leverage our data around system availability, security risk, and user productivity to enhance your company’s bottom line.
  • Machine Compatibility: From operating CNC machines to entering data f rom the shop floor, our technology is made to work with yours.
  • Managed Security: Find peace of mind knowing that Avatara is always working to protect you from external attacks and prevent social engineering threats.

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