How IT Metrics Drive Business Decisions

If your IT isn’t acting as a competitive advantage for your organization, it’s time to rethink your IT. In a world where data drives business decisions, every company that invests in IT needs a clear view of the essential KPIs for gauging its effectiveness. Advanced IT systems can also offer insights into business operations beyond those they control, such as employee productivity, giving leaders the metrics they need to make informed HR decisions.

Let’s explore the three key metrics available in CompleteCloud’s business analytics reporting—System Availability, Security Risk, and User Productivity—and why they are so valuable.

System Availability Metrics

Downtime is detrimental. Especially for businesses who rely on technology for day-to-day operations, every minute of downtime has a cost. System availability metrics offer insight into key areas such as server uptime, connectivity, and support.

Server uptime is the measure of the uninterrupted time that a hosting system experiences. Or, in layman’s terms, it’s the number of hours that a server is working and available—the opposite of downtime. Availability and connectivity may seem like obvious metrics to hold IT teams accountable and ensure the bare minimum (keeping things operational) is being done, but these aren’t reports that every service provider shares. There is power in having the numbers to measure true success.

Another unique piece of this, which CompleteCloud provides, is support metrics. From hold times to support case statistics, the value in having this information is undeniable. It’s a massive advantage when your employees have highly responsive IT support at their fingertips at all times. Quick issue resolution is the antidote to costly downtime—and an indicator of positive IT outcomes.

Security Risk Metrics

Cybersecurity is (or should be) one of the highest priorities for any IT team. As the modern threat landscape continues to grow deeper and wider, objective measurement is important for monitoring security performance. Leveraging security risk metrics enables organizations to achieve several goals, including improved decision-making, enhanced visibility, the ability to evaluate an internal security program against industry benchmarks, and demonstrating the value to key stakeholders.

The CompleteCloud Platform is engineered from the ground up with security as a core design principle. While we can assure our customers that our layered approach to security will keep their data safe, the proof is in the numbers. Security risk reports offer tangible insights into threats that attempted to breach and were successfully blocked. Understanding what could have happened without the right measures in place is critical in planning for the future.

User Productivity Metrics

If your technology is working, your people should be productive, right? If only it were this simple. Human behavior is typically one of the most influential factors when it comes to a company’s success, yet it is one of the most difficult to measure. For example, as remote work appears to be here to stay, how can a manager identify changes in remote worker behavior for jobs that aren’t traditionally dependent on KPIs? Productivity reporting is key.

CompleteCloud offers managers a productivity report on each of their employees that shows not only when they are logged into the platform, but for how long they are active versus idle on their computers and which applications they are using. In addition, all employees are able to see which of their colleagues are logged on at any given moment, and whether they are in office or remote. This sort of transparency helps keep everyone accountable and working together.

The Power of AI

Where does all of this data come from? Ava, our proprietary Artificial Intelligence, was introduced with the launch of CompleteCloud 2.0. Created to help businesses work smarter, increase productivity, and improve their IT experience, Ava analyzes over 8 million lines of code daily. In addition to identifying potential problem areas before they cause problems, the data insight is utilized to change the way business owners view, engage with, and control their company’s output and security through business analytics reporting. Employee productivity and cybersecurity are both directly correlated to a company’s bottom line. The CompleteCloud Platform’s business analytics function is fueled by big data and helps business owners make big decisions that impact both.

IT metrics shouldn’t exist in a vacuum, isolated from business metrics. IT should be used to move the needle on specific business outcomes that are aligned with overall strategic goals. Ready to leverage your IT as a competitive advantage? Let’s talk.