Avatara Connect Version Release Notes

June 2022

At Avatara, we are constantly striving for excellence and working to improve our platform. We pride ourselves on providing the smoothest possible user experience with highly intuitive features. We have been busy developing some updates to Avatara Connect and we’re excited to share them with you. Please find the details below:

1) Update Your Info. When Logging In

Upon logging into Connect, it now displays a form for users to update their password if it is close to expiring.

2) Enhanced User Security

CompleteCloud has implemented enhanced user level security to ensure users can be verified when requesting high security actions. The system will now use a PIN and a security question to allow validation when required. Connect will request this information from the user the first time they log in if it has not been provided previously.

3) Scheduling Restarts with Ava

In the Ava Insights box (pictured below), the ‘Schedule Restart’ feature on the dashboard now prevents users from scheduling a restart any earlier than 10 minutes from the current time because this feature is for planned restarts rather than immediate.

Ava Insights and the ‘Schedule restart’ feature cannot be used unless the user has a phone number set for Ava, so make sure to click on the phone number textbox above the Ava logo and save your mobile number there.

4) Changes to the Apps Feature

Our development team has updated the Apps feature on the dashboard to make it more user friendly. The URLs integrated into Apps are fixed and no longer behave unexpectedly.

As always, if you run into something not working properly that has previously worked for you, please contact our Support Team by calling 888-943-5605 or by texting 314-668-1999 or click the green Chat with Support button on your dashboard.

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