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Modernize Your Network With Avatara

Why is it so hard to find a communication platform that brings your team together? With Avatara, the search is over. Part of our CompleteCloud service offering is our Hosted Fax Service, combining the convenience of cloud faxing with the affordable and flexible pricing, high-reliability, and one of the most powerful feature sets in the country. Our Cloud Fax’s cutting-edge solution includes the basics of email to fax, Outlook Integration, web interface, and MFD scan to fax, as well as several advanced features designed to help you.

Features include:

  • Automate fax workflows
  • Support regulatory compliance
  • Integrate with on-premise Biscom fax servers for failover and peak load processing


The more services you utilize, the easier it is to improve workflow and maximize productivity. While baseline features of our  Hosted Service include affordable, prepaid pricing with no time limits and unlimited user accommodation, there are several other ways it can help your company streamline communication. There are two main editions of our Hosted Fax Service, Office Edition and Enterprise Edition.

Office Edition

  • Send and receive faxes from any email client
  • Supports MFD scan to fax
  • Receive faxes as searchable TIFF or PDF format
  • Outlook Add-in with contact list access
  • Web client for browser-based faxing
  • Manage users and track faxing activity
  • Encrypt SMTP communications with TLS
  • Provision new or port existing fax numbers
  • Seamless upgrade to Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Edition

  • AD/LDAP integration eliminates separate fax user directory
  • Rules based fax routing to automate workflows
  • Secure inboxes support user authentication, image encryption, transaction logging, and archiving
  • Intelligently routes and populates faxes to SharePoint document libraries
  • Web services API to programmatically submit fax jobs

Collaboration has never been easier than it is with Avatara.

Make Your Life Easier

Thanks to this  user-friendly platform, all it takes is an email to be able to send a fax. For companies with commonplace platforms like Outlook, Gmail, and Office 365, faxing is simple and user-friendly. Think of how easy it is to attach a document to an email; with Cloud Fax , it’s just as simple. If you want to make your entire process a little more manageable without having to compromise quality, there are several features offered through Avatara that can help your company by:

  • Eliminating the need for capital investment through reducing fax call charges.
  • Efficient integrating into your email workflow.
  • Gaining the ability to send and receive faxes simultaneously by email.
  • Upgrading your storage capacity.
  • Allowing you the freedom and flexibility to enjoy the cost and efficiency benefits of cloud computing.

Find the Right Technology For You

Why work with a platform that’s not helping you get the results that you need? Avatara specializes in delivering custom-tailored IT solutions that work cohesively with your existing framework so that commonplace disruptions and stoppages are a thing of the past. Find out how we can maximize what your company is capable of, and reach out today.

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