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Communicating with your team shouldn’t ever be a hassle.

Staying in touch is easier than ever with CompleteCloud Voice from Avatara. We’re always available to help make your process more simple and focused.

Bring Your Team Together With CompleteCloud Voice

Why work with complicated technology when you can simplify your workflow with Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP)? CompleteCloud Voice from Avatara helps companies communicated more effectively, efficiently, and affordably. By keeping your mobile workforce connected with any and every office location you operate, you’ll never miss out on receiving valuable information again.

Core benefits offered through CompleteCloud Voice include:

  • Elimination of static and service degradation for superior call quality.
  • Simplification of complex phone systems and outdated analog systems, with minimal hardware to install or maintain.
  • Unification of geographically dispersed locations.

What is VoIP?

With sufficient internet connection, VoIP allows you to get phone service delivered directly through your internet as opposed to your local phone company. By turning analog phone signals into digital signals, it allows your company to function more freely and communicate more effectively. With CompleteCloud Voice from Avatara, you’ll be able to stay in close contact with your customers and employees, regardless of where they’re working from. You’ll also enjoy high-quality services, including in-depth glimpses into how your phone system operates.

CompleteCloud Voice allows you to:
  • Sort recordings by call type, source, destination, time, or duration.
  • Find call history by extension and inbound/outbound.
  • Search call reporting.

Proactive support isn’t an easy thing to come by.

Avatara keeps you up and running with quick, efficient support that you can always count on.

CompleteCloud Voice Key Features

  • Hosted PBX per customer
  • Custom admin and user portal
  • Custom flash operator panel for employees
  • Robust custom reporting
  • Full auto-attendant, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call queuing capabilities, and unlimited hunt groups
  • Voicemail to email
  • Follow me
  • Video calls with video enabled phones
  • Allowed access with some soft clients
  • Call parking
  • On-hold music
  • Call recording
  • HD voice quality
  • Personal DID numbers
  • 4-digit extension-to-extension dialing
  • Advanced call forwarding, call waiting, and call screening

Customization and Support

CompleteCloud Voice offers superior customization for businesses, allowing you to fine-tune every feature available to each employee you have on-staff. Changing permissions for one or several users is as simple as a quick phone call to our onsite support team.

At Avatara, we design, manage, and maintain CompleteCloud Voice completely in-house—no need for a third-party vendor, ever. This allows our team to provide quick, responsive support for any questions or concerns that you might have.

Collaboration Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain

Don’t make your process any harder than it has to be—with Avatara, we put you in the best position possible to communicate with your team freely and securely. High-quality performance stems from staying up-to-date with relevant information. CompleteCloud Voice offers a real-time solution for issues that used to bog your team down. Maximize productivity with Avatara; reach out to our team today.  

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