Security Operations

Keep Your Data Protected When You Come In Contact With Suspicious Files

Our Security Operations Center alerts you when there is a threat to avoid to protect your data and network.

Supreme Cloud Protection By Elite Security Experts

There is nothing worse than an unknown threat. You’re never prepared to defend against something that you’re not expecting. Your company could be severely hampered after a surprise attack lands on your network. With the help of a Security Operation Center (SOC), we will help you stay clear of any dangerous encounters.

Security specialists at our SOC follow a very comprehensive detection procedure. Our SOC will be able to analyze the ongoing activity and uncover hidden security risks. During this process, our experts leave a ‘honeypot’ over high-trafficking areas. A honeypot is an unprotected web mechanism that triggers network dangers. Essentially this is a sneaky way to lure an attacker, and when the honeypot is broken, we will be able to dissect the full anatomy of the attack so that that type of attack doesn’t affect your network.

Our experts offers the same level of care to networks with 2 servers or 75 servers. Our team devotes a heavy focus on cloud defense. We use our SOC  defense models to track invisible threats and survey the field to uncover data traps that are strategically hidden. Similar to DNS Filtering, our cloud defense system gives us important data points that will help us determine the source of the threat.

Our experts offers the same level of care to networks with

2 servers


75 servers

Millions of cyber threats lurk around our network.

Use our SOC to deter away from them all.

Network Support Around the Clock

Tragedy can strike at any time, from any angle. Fortunately, security and compliance is one of our specialties. At Avatara, our cloud defense strategy is a 24/7 monitoring operation. We are always keeping an eye out for suspicious matters. Our security services measure everything in real time, so we’ll alert you when an issue is spotted.

  • Continuous Threat Research
  • Network Threat Detection
  • Log Archives
  • Identification of New Attack Patterns
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Quarterly Compliance Reporting
  • Third Party Penetration Testing

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At Avatara, we are always go the extra mile to provide businesses with the right type of care. With nearly two decades of service, we’ve become one of the premier sources for IT support across the globe. We provide unique cloud solutions and cybersecurity to help businesses perform more efficiently.

If you’re looking for a solution that is well-managed and compliant with all HIPAA, DFARS, NIST, and PCI policies, then Avatara’s SOC is right for you. With our help, we’ll make sure that you are always prepared for the unknown. Contact us to learn all about our cloud defense strategies by giving us a call or sending us a message to get set up with one of our comprehensive cybersecurity programs.

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