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Easy scalability with unlimited storage options.

CompleteCloud – The Market’s Best Cloud Storage Service

One of the biggest advantages to Avatara is our limitless storage feature. With the aid of our CompleteCloud bundle, we help users craft the best environment for their network database by providing a scalable cloud solution that aligns with the size of your company. We’ll also manage your virtual server to ensure that your data is fully-supported with the storage room you need.

Eliminate the need to purchase more space in the cloud with unlimited cloud storage to house all of your data in one, centralized location. Our unlimited data solution give businesses the ability to customize their online storage plan for a cost-effective answer to scalability, without the cost of having to purchase new servers.

Many Cloud Providers offer clients limited cloud support.

Avatara does things differently!

A Cost-Effective Way To Manage the Cloud

One of our core principles is cost-efficiency, that’s why we price everything upfront. Unlimited cloud storage greatly reduces an organization’s capital expenditure, because it doesn’t matter if you have less than a terabyte or up to 70 terabytes; whatever amount of data you have, we’ll be able to handle it.

We acknowledge the importance of a well-managed budget, and with our CompleteCloud, you won’t be blindsided by hidden fees. We host networks of all sizes on CompleteCloud with no limit on file sizes. Our solutions are fully scalable and flexible, which allows organizations to scale on demand. With Avatara, you will be served with an affordable way to manage your storage on an as-needed basis.

You can count on us to eliminate the stress and costs associated with monitoring, managing, and acquiring additional cloud storage.

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With more than 15 years of expertise, we’re proud to serve as one of the best cloud storage providers nationwide. For any user who doesn’t want to have to keep considering how much data they are producing, then Avatara’s CompleteCloud solution is the best option for you.

Trust a cloud solution provider that is willing to go the extra mile. By partnering with Avatara, you will be able to improve your performance and save a fortune in the process. Contact us to set your company up with a scalable cloud solution.

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