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A Simplified Desktop Solution

Avatara offers a wide variety of desktop options. Our flexible solutions include a private cloud IT infrastructure and a robust cloud desktop. For businesses at the enterprise level, we ensure that our clients are supplied with an effective cloud solution. This helps companies streamline their IT management services and keeps their important data protected.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is one of our specialties. Our secure desktop program is a cloud-based, hybrid solution that helps enterprises stay ahead of the curve. This service expands the lifespan of your desktop equipment and gives you the ability to perform remotely from any device.

With a secure desktop, you have the ability to split your infrastructure between in-house servers and the Cloud. This DaaS solution is perfect for those wanting to test out a private cloud infrastructure but don’t want to move everything off-site. This is your best option if you’re in search of a flexible desktop solution.

Since 2005

our DaaS service has helped streamline processes for hundreds of businesses.

There are many cloud features on a secure desktop platform.

Avatara will only serve you with the features that your business needs.

Secure Cloud Solutions For Your Business

At Avatara, we provide you with a program that comes with a bevy of protective security options. The secure desktop gives users a peace of mind and a safeguarded network, while providing the ultimate desktop experience for users.

If you need a desktop support system, then the secure desktop plan will pave the way for the environment you need. It doesn’t matter if you have 50 workstations or 5,000. No matter how big your company is, we’ll make sure that it is safe, secure, and running at optimal levels.

Avatara – Not Your Average Cloud Service

At Avatara, we are much more than a cloud solution provider. We are business growth experts and mission control specialists. With more than 15 years of service under our belts, we’ve grown into a top managed service provider for enterprises across the globe. Our experienced specialists have years of experience with customized cloud solutions and are great at helping your business get the most out of DaaS.

Our focus is to help you build your empire. We are able to execute this mission with the help of our unique cloud computing desktop solutions and full-service IT support. Since 2005, our DaaS solutions have helped companies streamline their operations, while saving them a fortune in the process.

Trust a cloud solution provider that is willing to go above and beyond for you. With Avatara, we will be able to support your operation with the tools that it needs to succeed. To learn more about the desktop cloud solution, contact us today.

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