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First Response Data Recovery Solutions

A disaster can cause a significant amount of damage to your network. It can wipe away some of your most important data. For businesses, this is the lifeblood of your operations. Without this information in place, your company will suffer. Disasters can strike from any angle at any time, but don’t panic. We have your back.

If anything ever happens to your building or hardware, we’ll make sure that your network survives. Here’s what we guarantee:

  • Your operating system, data, and applications remain securely stored in our data centers, allowing you to work remotely, regardless of a disaster .
  • With our CompleteCloud program, you will get a fully-integrated cloud backup and IT recovery system wrapped up in one bundle.
  • You will always be served with integrity, quality support, and respect by our team.

Fully-Integrated Cloud Backup and IT Recovery System

Disasters can take a toll on your network.

Let us protect you from any catastrophe.

Never Worry About Network Catastrophes Again

We aren’t your typical Cloud Solutions Provider. At Avatara, we are much more than a team of IT specialists. We are mission critical experts. When it comes to disaster recovery, we take a unique approach; our team offers a high-level disaster recovery solution through our virtual cloud. We deliver disaster recovery as a prominent feature of our CompleteCloud program. It’s the easiest and most cost-effective way that businesses can perform disaster recovery. With our help, you’ll always have a firm grip on your most important files.

Avatara’s CompleteCloud is built to withstand even the most severe elements. It will survive through tornadoes, fires, and earthquakes. We’ll make sure that your systems are always running safely in our redundant data centers, no matter what.

The Ultimate Security Protection For Your Business

At Avatara, it is our priority to make sure that your data is securely protected and easily recoverable for when you need it. Our backups are always performed at the desktop level. CompleteCloud provides businesses with unique disaster recovery solutions that are unlike any other IT option. It’s a centralized infrastructure with real-time redundancy, a unique pricing model, and much more.

Our CompleteCloud package comes with a extensive list of advantages.

Some of its prime benefits include:


Data Backups

Site and End Device




No Replacement Costs

For Equipment

Peace of


Keep Your Business Protected From Disasters

Don’t ever worry about losing your data. We’ll make sure that everything is saved in our private, cloud data center.

You can always count on Avatara to be there for your business, because disaster recovery is one of our prime specialties. Call us today to learn more about our disaster recovery consulting services or CompleteCloud.  

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