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Cloud computing is Avatara’s specialty. We offer a robust hosted cloud solution to support businesses of every size. Our private cloud hosts are especially important. Private networks come equipped with many security features which protect businesses overall, but at Avatara, our private cloud security makes up the entire foundation and first layer of our comprehensive cybersecurity defense strategy.

Our private cloud platform is an integral part of our world-class managed service program. When you invest in the virtual private cloud, you get a safe line of protection. Our private cloud computing service creates a better working environment for your entire staff. 

We provide businesses with a fully managed level of care. This means that we will remove your hardware from the office, and personally manage things from the confines of our secure data center.

Avatara removes any excess ports, cables, and pieces of equipment stored in-house to take away the hassle of in-house repairs, maintenance, replacements, and the physical risk of storing data onsite. With Avatara, we’ll manage everything that your network needs. As a premier cloud solution provider, we will keep your network safe regardless of where you are located.

The Safeguard That Your Network Needs

At Avatara, we are much more than IT specialists. We are virtualization masterminds. Our hosted private cloud services are unrivaled solutions that are equipped with a variety of cutting-edge features.

Some of its prime advantages include:

Remote and Secure

SSAE 18 II Data Centers

Armed Guards

and Biometric Access

Server and Edge


Intrusion Detection



and Anti-Spam

This is all encompassed within our CompleteCloud utility model. This solution keeps every  industry protected from severe network dangers. Whether it’s physical theft or cyber theft, bot attacks or viruses, you can rest easy knowing that CompleteCloud is always prepared for any attack. At Avatara, we will always have your back when you need it the most.

Private Cloud Support Systems That You Can Trust

For more than 15 years, Avatara has provided network support to to clients around the country. Our mission is to provide companies with the technical support needed to help their organization get to the next level. We are relentlessly committed to serving this purpose. With our help, we ensure that your network is always secure under a private host.

Take your business to new heights with the help of our certified support team. As a full-service cloud solution provider, Avatara is willing to do whatever it takes to help your company succeed. You can always count on us to keep your network operating at an optimal level.

15+ years

Avatara has provided network support to to clients around the country.

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