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Superior Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions

Remote activity is a great luxury to have but it also brings on a wave of security risks. When users connect to your network from a remote location, there becomes a chance they’ll fall victim to cyber theft. Far too often, users will accidentally leave their laptops and mobile devices behind, and thieves will use this as an opportunity to collect critical information from your network.

Avatara provides an extra layer of protection for your remote users. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is one of our specialty services and our fourth  layer of cybersecurity defense. With MFA on all devices, this strong authentication solution assures that your network is always being operated by the right person.

With our adaptive MFA software, we are able to see when your technology isn’t in the right location. This sophisticated software comes equipped with superior back-end monitoring functions. When we notice that your laptop isn’t in the building, we’ll alert you with a phone call, text message, or email to confirm you are the user logging in. With our help, you can rest easy knowing that your network is always defended.

Cyber traps can appear from anywhere.

Use our MFA solutions to always keep your network safe.

Improve Your User Experience Wherever You Go

As wireless technology evolves, remote activity will continue to rise. It’s important that your network runs well from anywhere a Wi-Fi signal or internet connection is available. Our multi-factor authentication services will give you that security protection that you’re looking for. Not only is it a perfect defense tactic, but it also makes things much more efficient for your employees.

MFA also helps protect your data if it is lost or stolen. With no data on the local device a the thief would be unable to login and access sensitive information, like PHI for instance. Regardless of the physical or cyber threat, your data remains secure. With Avatara’s authentication methods, we’ll make sure that things are always running smoothly for the appropriate user.

Authenticate Your Network Today

At Avatara, we are relentlessly committed to improving your IT system. Going on two decades of experience, we’ve ascended into a leading technology partner all over the country. We provide unique cloud solutions and cybersecurity to help businesses grow, and with our help, you’ll never have to panic about your data getting into the wrong hands. Our MFA technology will keep things safeguarded if your laptop ever gets left behind.

We will do everything to ensure that your network is safe from anywhere with our unique MFA solutions today. Give us a call or leave us a note to test out things on CompleteCloud.

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