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With My.Avatara you’ll never wonder about how your environment is performing. Immediate insight into support tickets, orders, system performance, and billing, and more.

A New Kind of IT Platform

One of the fears many company leaders have with internal IT teams or transitioning to a 3rd party IT provider is lack of insight into their IT environment. It can feel like there is no way to truly understand what is going on with their IT outside of blindly trusting their team or provider. When we developed CompleteCloud 13 years ago we sought to eliminate that fear and instead empower our customers with complete transparency into their environment.

To accomplish this we built and designed our own custom portal, My.AvataraCloud. My.AvataraCloud provides every bit of insight that businesses want in their IT environment, easily laid out and clearly displayed. Whether you want a quick overview or would rather dive into the details of one specific Order, you can do this with My.AvataraCloud.

In Depth Insights

When you first log into My.AvataraCloud you land on the Home Page, which provides a high level overview of the last 30 days of calls and Support cases and the last 10 Orders and Projects. From the Home Page you can dive deeper into three different areas of your IT environment:

  1. Support Tickets – Our Support page provides complete transparency into our ticketing system. You will be able to view every ticket that has ever been created as well as who submitted the ticket, what the issue was about, how long the ticket was open, when it was closed, its current status, and all email communication between the tech and the customer.
  2. Orders – The Orders page utilizes our unique orders wizard that allows you to submit Orders through the Portal. Whether you need to add or remove a user, add printers or network shares to individuals, or order new hardware, this is where it is all done. In addition to creating new Orders, you can see where your Order is in the process with our custom tracking software and will receive an email notification when the Order is complete.
  3. System Performance – This allows you to view into the technical operation and performance of your cloud workstations. Simply select an individual and you can see workstation CPU and latency performance. The System Performance Page also allows you to view your Exchange and business server performance in simple graphs.
  4. Billing – Finding your bill should be simple and easy to understand. To ensure each of our clients can easily find their billing information we created our Invoices page so you’re always in the know.

The Transparency You Want

My.AvataraCloud also plays a critical role in onboarding new customers. When a customer chooses CompleteCloud, My.AvataraCloud scans the existing client architecture and pre-populates what they need to create an initial starting point.  This increases the speed at which clients are onboarded and removes human error from having to manually input data. When the initial data is scanned, finalized, and then approved by the client, additional automation begins to build their new infrastructure.

There is no IT provider in the market today that provides the level and depth of visibility and transparency that Avatara offers. You no longer have to guess where Orders are or why your machine is operating slowly. My.AvataraCloud gives you the capabilities to have a complete and holistic view of each aspect of your IT environment.

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