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Hardware Refresh Strategies By Avatara

Many companies will push off buying new hardware until their equipment is nearly extinct. This is a problem that we see far too often. At Avatara, we always keep our clients supplied with the latest tools with our hardware refresh plans. We support companies with the most innovative forms of technology for maximum efficiency.

Never worry about spending too much for hardware again. With our CompleteCloud solution, similar to a Hardware as a Service (HaaS) program, you will get cutting-edge technology solutions at an affordable cost. We’ll cover the cost of the equipment so you don’t have to stress about dropping a massive sum of money on all new hardware. This has helped companies save thousands to millions of dollars.

We use the latest innovations and solutions which includes hardware for your data center and LAN equipment on your physical premise itself.

Out With The Old, In With The New

If your server isn’t up to date, we can provide you with an upgrade. At Avatara, we’ll alleviate your hardware headaches and open up room for new benefits.

CompleteCloud makes life much easier with benefits like:

Network Security

Safety is our top priority at Avatara. When it comes to your IT equipment, we acknowledge that newer technology is equipped with better protection.

Lower Capital Spending

Technology upgrades can be pricey. We’ll make these purchases much more manageable. Our hardware services are all included with a CompleCloud private cloud bundle.

Greater Efficiency In The Workplace

Don’t be held back by equipment that doesn’t perform like it used to. Our HaaS offering can help you streamline your operations by providing you with tools that make your job easier to perform.

Routine Maintenance

We perform frequent inspections of your network to ensure that your hardware is operating at peak efficiency. Our staff will treat your equipment with care to keep things running smoothly for many years to come with continuous improvements and upgrades.

Scalable Growth

Information technology is parallel to the growth of your company. As your business expands, so does your need for more technology in the office. We give you the ability to add more equipment at no additional cost, regardless if you bring on new employees or need to spin up a new server. All at the same per user, per month price you’ve been paying.

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