Managed Services

Every IT Service You Need, All In One Place

Want to take your company to the next level? As part of the CompleteCloud solution, Avatara’s managed services give you the freedom to tackle your daily goals and give other projects your undivided attention. You focus on doing what you do best—Avatara will take care of all of your technology needs.

IT Outsourcing

Why do companies count on Avatara for all of their IT needs? Because the services we provide are the perfect answer for every business that’s looking for an alternative to having a costly internal team. Avatara emphasizes a collaborative, communicative approach because that’s how we help our clients succeed. We get to know every nuance and core process that you rely on to deliver your best work.

Why work with a partner who offers anything less? For over 13 years, we’ve delivered high-quality, reliable IT assistance that’s scaled to meet your needs; no more having to settle for a routine, one-size-fits-all solution. We implement technology that makes sense for you. Avatara will be there for you every step of the way—whether that means finding a more cost-effective type of hardware, assisting with your cloud migration, or anything in between.

U.S. Based 24/7 Support

Who do you call when you run into a technical problem? There’s never a good time for your network to go down, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should always have to suffer the consequences. Avatara’s 24/7 support is based in the U.S. and designed to keep your network up and running no matter what. Our goal is to make your daily operations and processes as smooth and seamless as possible. That means doing whatever we can to help your team avoid preventable issues so that you can always enjoy maximum uptime.

If you’re using Avatara’s CompleteCloud solutions, your team can also enjoy quality support. If you have any persistent issues, you can reach our team via phone, email, or right here on our website. Don’t let an avoidable problem spiral out of control and disrupt your entire team. Stay in front of the problem, and choose a network operations center (NOC) service provider that specializes in keeping your team focused.

100% Hardware Refresh

We’ve seen it time and time again with so many of our clients: Buying hardware is often one of the last things anyone wants to have to deal with. And who would want to if they didn’t have to? Most companies let their technology run until it breaks down and avoid making changes whenever they can.

That’s where so many businesses run into mistakes. The longer they wait to replace outdated hardware, the more likely they are to run into issues down the road. Avatara’s hardware as a service (HaaS) is the perfect way to make sure that you’re always operating ahead of the curve and avoiding problematic technology whenever you can. Our team works closely with your own to determine which technology makes sense for your environment and how our technicians can deliver a solution that optimizes your workflow.

The technology you’ve been waiting for, right when you need it.