Encrypted Email

Keep Your Conversations Private

Secure communication, all the time. Email encryption protects your inbox from external threats.

Is Your Inbox Protected?

Email—every company relies on it to communicate, but few understand how to protect their inbox from external threats. If you haven’t installed an encryption solution for your email service, it’s about time you took that first step toward securing your communication platform.

Avatara offers email  encryption solutions for your network, providing you a simple yet secure avenue for collaborating with team members, clients, and anyone else you need to send a message to. Never again will you have to worry about whether the method you use to communicate is safe from external threats.

What Are The Benefits Of Email Encryption?

User-Friendly Service

Some security solutions bog you down with cumbersome procedures, but our email encryption offers simple usage so that you can go about your business as usual. No more having to choose between quality security and fluid workflow. With Avatara, you can enjoy both.

Optimal Security

If your security is lax in any area, you run the risk of compromising the success of your entire company. A data breach can be extremely costly and leave you stuck in no man’s land. Encrypted email services protect what matters most to your company.

Maintain Compliance

Whether you’re in the medical, financial, or manufacturing industry—or any other field—there are always compliance standards that you need to meet in order to remain operational and avoid fines. Email encryption is a great way to make sure you avoid unnecessary penalties.

Reputation Protection

At the end of the day, risk mitigation is the most important thing for the success of your company. Whether it involves regulatory violations, data breaches, data loss, or corporate policy violations, your priority needs to be securing your proprietary and confidential information. Avatara can encrypt your email so that every message you send is perfectly secure, leaving your sensitive information intact and your clients and customers happy.

Increased Efficiency

The less downtime you suffer, the easier it is to remain on task. If you frequently find yourself spending a significant amount of time focusing on issues that should be avoidable, it’s time to implement a solution that keeps your network up and running. Avatara’s IT solutions are ideally suited to minimizing downtime, which in turn keeps operating and maintenance costs low.

Protect what matters most to your company.

Keep your email secure with Avatara.

Modernize Your Security

The solution you’re currently using might be yielding positive results for now, but you’re always one dangerous email away from taking down your entire network. With email encryption solutions from Avatara , your environment will remain protected from various external threats, allowing your team to work more efficiently and productively with optimal uptime.

Don’t let avoidable security breaches disable your operations. Reach out to Avatara today for reliable email encryption and stay ahead of a hacker’s next move.

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