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Is Your Network Safe?

Security Awareness Training Can Make All the Difference

You can take all the precautions necessary and upgrade your cybersecurity solution, but in the end your employees can often be left as the last line of defense. All it takes is one phishing attack to reach their inbox—after that, there’s no telling how serious the damage might be for your network until it’s over. That’s why cybersecurity awareness training needs to be a central part of your defense strategy.

Avatara offers employee cybersecurity training, one of the world’s leading resources to help your team do their part in the fight against cyberattacks. We provide modular cybersecurity training designed to help business’s employees understand the mechanisms of spam, phishing, spear phishing, malware, ransomware, and social engineering.

Our cybersecurity training sends out simulated phishing campaigns that look like real emails you’d ordinarily find in your inbox and offers training programs that help your staff discern what’s safe versus what should be deemed a threat. If you’re unsure about the safety of your network, it’s time to test your users with cutting-edge spear phishing simulations.

When faced with a simulated phishing attack,


of employees will fail.

Don’t let your biggest asset become your biggest liability,

Avatara trains your employees to prevent attacks and keep your network safe.

What Are the Benefits of Information Security Awareness Training?

The world of technology is constantly and rapidly evolving. And while that bodes well for the software you use and helps to increase efficiency, that also means that security threats are becoming more and more sophisticated. Without the proper training, your team quickly becomes the easiest target for hackers to pinpoint when trying to breach your security.

  • Key advantages of training your staff with Avatara’s employee training include:
  • Easy scheduling of automated training campaigns
  • Giving your staff the resources they need to mitigate security risks
  • Scheduling frequent simulated phishing attacks through email, phone, and text
  • Real-time results for simulated phishing attacks: You can track your employees’ Phish-prone Percentage™ and define exactly what areas they need improvement in

You Can Count on Avatara

Practice makes perfect. That’s why it’s so important to emphasize training for all of your employees. It only takes one mistake, one quick click of the mouse to compromise your entire network. Don’t let the avoidable cause complete chaos for your business. At Avatara, we specialize in giving our clients the tools they need to protect their network from outside threats. Don’t fear the road ahead; move forward confidently and start your training process with Avatara today.

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