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Cybersecurity is a critical matter for every type of business. Cyberattacks can strike your network at any time, from any angle. There are thousands of cybersecurity risks that companies must be prepared for. Ransomware, phishing attacks, and other cyber crimes can compromise a company’s most important data, while simultaneously destroying their computing system.

At Avatara, we always treat cybersecurity as a top priority. We take a proactive approach in keeping your network protected from dangerous cyber threats. CompleteCloud was built from the ground up with security in mind, and our multilayered approach includes anti-malware and anti-spam software, active monitoring support, and intrusion detection alerts to protect your network.

With CompleteCloud we provide enterprise level cybersecurity solutions for midsize businesses at an affordable rate that wasn’t ever considered possible. This includes seven critical layers:

1. Private Cloud Environment

All client data is transitioned into remote and secure SSAE 18 II Data Centers with armed guards and biometric access. Keeping your hardware safe from bots, spam, malware, theft, and viruses.

2. DNS Filtering

This managed security service detects the origin of certain network threats. Our DNS Filtering is an automated form of threat intelligence. When a security risk is spotted, the system will automatically place a block on the infected source.

3. Security Operations Center

This is an intelligent defense system that tracks hot spots with the most cyber dangers around. It’s a 24/7 monitoring solution that steers trojan activity and hackers away. This level of security and threat analysis helps meet rigorous DFARS, HIPAA, NIST, and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.

4. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA):

An MFA solution provides an extra layer of security to remote users. If you are accessing your network elsewhere, then you’ll get a phone call, text, or email to confirm you are logging in and it is not someone else trying to infiltrate your network. This is perfect extra protection against phishing and password negligence.

5. Encrypted Email:

Secure Email is the ultimate email management security tool. It gives you the ability to safely archive and search through old messages. In addition, Netmail Encrypted Email also provides security policies and user friendly email encryption.

6. Security Training:

We provide users with access to the Employee Cybersecurity Training module. This is the world’s largest security awareness training platform that educates users on specific cyber dangers and protective strategies.

7. Compliance Reporting:

This feature is the ultimate aid for auditors. It establishes an auditing checklist with all major compliance policies, including HIPAA, DFARS, NIST, and PCI.

Disasters can strike your network from any angle.

We’ll provide the solutions needed to keep the entire data center safe and did we mention a single customer hasn’t ever been breached?

Avatara – The Top Source For Cybersecurity Protection

At Avatara, our cybersecurity services help clients in many different industries leverage safe cloud computing services and solutions. With our help, there’s no need to ever be hesitant about the cloud. We’ll alleviate any perceived risks that may be holding you back from moving to cloud. For more than 15 years, we’ve delivered businesses across the country with the protective support that they need to be successful. We take the appropriate measures to make sure protection is in place and compliant with all policies.

Protecting your business is a main priority of our business. With one of our built in cybersecurity options, you can rest easy knowing that your network is always safeguarded. Contact one of our certified specialists today. Give us a call or message us to learn more about our safe solutions.

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